Alligator Steaks

Hunt Shattered Alligators for Gator Steaks and seek out bundles of Mirespice Blend held by the Desolate Scroungers. Then report back to Warden Douglas in Shattered Mountain.
Level: 62
Quest Giver: Charity Douglas
Turn in NPC: Charity Douglas
Territory: Shattered Mountain


XP: 3200
Gold: 115.0
Azoth: 15


  • Enter the and seek out the ingredients
  • Collect Shattered Gator Steak from the Alligators of the
  • Recover Mirespice Blend from the Scroungers in Desolate Cliffs



I've been trying to think of a way to cheer people up, but it's just not a cheery place.

Maybe those weird steaks some of the Rangers eat? With the right spice, who knows?

In Progress

Shattered Gator Meat and Mirespice Blend, and then we'll be cooking… or is it better to eat it raw?
I don't know if I'm excited or a little nervous to see you return.

But we've all been subsisting on dry rations around here, so I'll even eat alligator. Mmm. I'll prepare it, at least.