Allies for the New Order

Try to convince the factions to join your cause, starting with the Covenant. Speak to a Covenant leader in Brightwood.
Level: 25
Quest Giver: Yonas Alazar
Turn in NPC: Emile d'Aquitane
Territory: Main Story

Pre Requisites

Follow-up to: The Ritual


XP: 3080
Gold: 55.0
Territory Standing: 0
Azoth: 150


  • Seek out a Covenant Leader in Brightwood



Indeed. I know a place we could set a camp, and I might even have a few candidates already.

But even if they become Wardens, let's be honest - we won't have the forces to counter the Tempest.

In Progress

Oh, good luck with those Covenant people.

I'd say they're crazy, but I suppose that's exactly the kind of allies we're looking for.
Oh, hello! I am Émile, er, Templar d'Aquitane, or even Lieutenant Templar General, in fact. Fourth Battalion.

I am quite occupied at the moment, re-examining the Covenant's priorities.


Zelgraz, about 2 months ago

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