All That's Left Not Torn Asunder

Recover the Stolen Supplies from Sunderfort and deliver them to Soulwarden Phan in the Eastburn Outpost.
Level: 42
Quest Giver: James Sexton
Turn in NPC: Phan Dac-Kien
Territory: Great Cleave


XP: 1990
Gold: 90.0
Azoth: 10


  • Travel to Sunderfort to recover the Stolen Supplies
  • Recover Supplies from chests



Right before Patricia’s betrayal, a shipment of our supplies was stolen by Corrupted and taken to Sunderfort.

You’ve been such a good distraction, they might not have had time to unload it yet.

In Progress

Think of it! Dried fruit, or perhaps even dried fish... New weapons, more armor, fresh shot...!

Please, find whatever you can in Sunderfort! Anything extra would be helpful.
You were able to recover some of the supplies? That's a load off my mind.

The world might be ending, but at least we won't go hungry.