Adiana's Fountain

Explore the mines and purge whatever might be blocking the flow to Adiana's azoth fountain.
Level: 18
Quest Giver: Adiana Theron
Turn in NPC: Adiana Theron
Territory: Main Story


XP: 2150
Gold: 48.0
Territory Standing: 0
Azoth: 20




I am quite familiar with the true meaning behind the words when humans offer to help.

You have arrived at a fortunate moment however - our needs outweigh our distrust.

In Progress

The fountain still runs dry. That means you haven’t yet done as we asked.

Was your offer insincere? Or do you lack the strength to follow through?
Well, the fountain is running again, so you've either been blessed with good fortune, or you actually followed through.

I'm curious, however. What caused the blockage?


Zelgraz, about 2 months ago

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