A Pox On Thee

Defeat Denman at the top of Nettlevex tower, and bring his remains to Ellwood in Edengrove.
Level: 52
Quest Giver: Percy Ellwood
Turn in NPC: Percy Ellwood
Territory: Edengrove

Pre Requisites


XP: 2350
Gold: 102.5
Azoth: 10


  • Defeat Denman atop the tower of Nettlevex
  • Defeat Dryad soldiers at Nettlevex
    • Quantity: 15
  • Defeat {targetname} atop the tower for Denman's Vines



There is a tower known as Nettlevex. The tower itself has become Blighted, but some within have resisted.

There's one in particular known as the "Denman." Bring me samples of its vines if you can.

In Progress

The tower is a rough gauntlet, and the Dryads are formidable.

Take care in your climb, Denman will be the strongest of the lot.
Ah, indeed, a fine specimen. The wood and earth that compose Denman's vines flow thick with old azoth.

This supports my theory. Did you know Edengrove is the source of all Angry Earth on Aeternum?