A Plan's Deconstruction

Destroy the twisted Ancient relics in Mistywater Thorp. Then report to Headman Onizuka in the Reekwater Settlement.
Level: 60
Quest Giver: Kinnao Onizuka
Turn in NPC: Kinnao Onizuka
Territory: Reekwater

Pre Requisites

Follow-up to: Words of Power


XP: 3750
Gold: 157.5
Territory Standing: 250
Azoth: 30


  • Search Mistywater Thorp and destroy any Ancient relics found
  • Seek and destroy the twisted Ancient Relics stored in Mistywater Thorp



Before now, I would not have thought so, but it does confirm my suspicions.

The Siren Queen has the potential to become an even greater theat than the Corruption.

In Progress

I believe the Siren Queen's crew is using the relics to create more of these banners they put up across the territory.

You must put a stop to this.
You have done well. There are already reports that there are fewer of those cursed banners.

Let us hope that this will arrest or at least very much slow down the Siren Queen's efforts. This settlement may well be spared.