A King's Defense

Gather components to create the legendary tower shield Rook's Defense.
Level: 65
Quest Giver: Derick Wardell
Territory: Edengrove

Pre Requisites

Required Level: 60


XP: 4380
Gold: 166.25
Azoth: 30


  • Complete Quest: Chaturanga Opening
  • Complete Quest: White's First Move
  • Complete Quest: En Passant
  • Complete Quest: Shahnameh's Story
  • Complete Quest: The Touch-Move Rule
  • Complete Quest: The Pawn's Promotion
  • Complete Quest: Castling The King
  • Complete Quest: Rook's Checkmate



I do. Using a shield, and one like this in particular, requires a strategy all of its own.

It's like a game I once played called 'Chess'; this shield is like the Rook to defend your King.

In Progress

There is no shield I have ever seen as formidable as the Rook's Defense will be.

Assuming you follow through and get Madaki to forge it, that is.
A masterful game you've played, acquiring these components.

You've earned Rook's Defense, and will doubtlessly wield it with the same impressive valor. Checkmate, indeed.


tygoro, about 2 months ago

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