A Hunger for Freedom

Find, craft, or purchase Meager Meals and Fresh Water for Katring Sanders in Reekwater.
Level: 58
Quest Giver: Katring Sanders
Turn in NPC: Katring Sanders
Territory: Reekwater


XP: 1930
Gold: 44.0
Territory Standing: 100
Azoth: 7


  • Collect Travel Ration
  • Collect Water
    • Item Water
    • Quantity: 15
    • Drop Chance: ?
    • Location: ?



Oh, because she's gonna take the whole island. I mean, she's... wait - you're working me!

Look, I'll tell you things, but only if you get me food and water first. I've starved to death many times hiding here. It hurts!

In Progress

I'll tell you what the Siren Queen's all about, but you gotta get me some grub first.

Berries, hardtack, an old shoe - I'll eat anything at this point.
Oh, sweet mother ocean... praise you! This'll keep me fed for... I don't know how long.

Alright then, I guess one good turn deserves another and all that bilge... I'll tell you about the Siren Queen.