A Hero's Duty

Maybe it's not too late to save Yonas. Go into the cave after him and the mysterious woman.
Level: 43
Quest Giver: Emile d'Aquitane
Turn in NPC: Emile d'Aquitane
Territory: Main Story


XP: 6350
Gold: 109.5
Territory Standing: 0
Azoth: 100


  • Enter the Corrupted Cave
  • Defeat Yonas the Corrupted
    • Quantity: 1



He's inside the cave. I-I went in, but it was too late...

I think he was a friend of yours… I'm sorry.

In Progress

He… spoke very highly of you, before… everything happened.

It's just… I'm so sorry.
I see your pain. I know it's small consolation, but you're not the first who's had to put down a friend.

Not the last either, I suspect. That demon-woman… was that the one they call the Tempest?