James Sexton

Great Cleave Soulwarden
Area: Great Cleave


All That's Left Not Torn Asunder

Shadows Cast By A Final Salute


Welcome, I’m James Sexton, a Soulwarden here at Eastburn Outpost.

I'm impressed you made it through; even if there's no bad weather, there's sure to be Corrupted blocking the roads.
Do you have any idea how worried I've been about…oh, you're not her. My apologies.

I'm surprised to see a new face around, our outpost isn't exactly known for casual visits. Especially not in wartime.
Thank you again for recovering Patricia's belongings.

It didn't seem right for some Corrupted husk to carry her Heartgem. It means a lot, to have it back.

Oh! You’ve reminded me of something.
When I think of Patricia, fallen to Corruption, I get so mad I can't see straight.

If only there was something I could do to reverse her condition.


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