Common sugar, used to sweeten a dish during cooking or make confections.
Type: Resource
Class: Food

Derived from: Provision Containers

Experimental! Please leave a comment if you believe this data to be wrong.

Alcyon (66)
Chardis (66)
Cilla (66)
Pride of the Trees (66)
Selen-Undat (45)


Karnage, about 2 months ago
I have found the answer and confirmed it.  Provision Crates/chests in "Windsward" drop sugar.
L1pee, about 2 months ago
here i find ?
Karnage, about 2 months ago
You find in provision crates. Or rather you dont. Drop rate is terrible. Unless like  Herbing is drops to a specific region. I can find no info on that though. Would be nice if someone could say which ZONE they got a drop of SUGAR from a Crate.
Koernel, about 2 months ago
you can get it at Pride of Puckett and Heckers Heaven in Windsward, found there a lot

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