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Solvent (T5)

Used to refine cloth. Also used in some potions and tinctures.
Type: Resource
Class: Resource

Used in recipes

Recipe Tradeskill Level
Sateen Weaving 20
Silk Weaving 35
Infused Silk Weaving 50
Cut Flawed Amber Stonecutting 1
Cut Brilliant Amber Stonecutting 36
Cut Pristine Amber Stonecutting 51
Cut Flawed Amethyst Stonecutting 1
Cut Amethyst Stonecutting 21
Cut Brilliant Amethyst Stonecutting 36
Cut Pristine Amethyst Stonecutting 51
Cut Aquamarine Stonecutting 21
Cut Brilliant Aquamarine Stonecutting 36
Cut Flawed Carnelian Stonecutting 1
Cut Carnelian Stonecutting 21
Cut Brilliant Carnelian Stonecutting 36
Cut Pristine Carnelian Stonecutting 51
Flawed Citrine Stonecutting 1
Citrine Stonecutting 21
Brilliant Citrine Stonecutting 36
Pristine Citrine Stonecutting 51
Cut Flawed Diamond Stonecutting 1
Cut Diamond Stonecutting 21
Cut Brilliant Diamond Stonecutting 36
Cut Pristine Diamond Stonecutting 51
Cut Flawed Emerald Stonecutting 1
Cut Emerald Stonecutting 21
Cut Brilliant Emerald Stonecutting 36
Cut Pristine Emerald Stonecutting 51
Cut Flawed Garnet Stonecutting 1
Cut Garnet Stonecutting 21
Cut Brilliant Garnet Stonecutting 36
Cut Pristine Garnet Stonecutting 51
Cut Flawed Jade Stonecutting 1
Cut Jade Stonecutting 21
Cut Brilliant Jade Stonecutting 36
Cut Flawed Jasper Stonecutting 1
Cut Jasper Stonecutting 21
Cut Brilliant Jasper Stonecutting 36
Cut Pristine Jasper Stonecutting 51
Cut Flawed Lapis Lazuli Stonecutting 1
Cut Brilliant Lapis Lazuli Stonecutting 36
Cut Pristine Lapis Lazuli Stonecutting 51
Cut Flawed Malachite Stonecutting 1
Cut Malachite Stonecutting 21
Cut Pristine Malachite Stonecutting 51
Cut Flawed Moonstone Stonecutting 1
Cut Moonstone Stonecutting 21
Cut Brilliant Moonstone Stonecutting 36
Cut Pristine Moonstone Stonecutting 51
Cut Flawed Onyx Stonecutting 1
Cut Onyx Stonecutting 21
Cut Brilliant Onyx Stonecutting 36
Cut Pristine Onyx Stonecutting 51
Cut Flawed Opal Stonecutting 1
Cut Opal Stonecutting 21
Cut Brilliant Opal Stonecutting 36
Cut Pristine Opal Stonecutting 51
Cut Flawed Ruby Stonecutting 1
Cut Ruby Stonecutting 21
Cut Brilliant Ruby Stonecutting 36
Cut Pristine Ruby Stonecutting 51
Cut Flawed Sapphire Stonecutting 1
Cut Sapphire Stonecutting 21
Cut Brilliant Sapphire Stonecutting 36
Cut Pristine Sapphire Stonecutting 51
Cut Flawed Topaz Stonecutting 1
Cut Topaz Stonecutting 21
Cut Pristine Topaz Stonecutting 51
Cut Flawed Turquoise Stonecutting 1
Cut Turquoise Stonecutting 21
Cut Pristine Turquoise Stonecutting 51
Concentrated Beast Coating WildernessSurvival 10
Concentrated Lost Coating WildernessSurvival 15
Concentrated Corrupted Coating WildernessSurvival 27
Concentrated Ancient Coating WildernessSurvival 14
Concentrated Angry Earth Coating WildernessSurvival 29
Short Bookcase Furnishing 0
Small Cabinet Furnishing 0
Simple Wooden Side Table Furnishing 0
Rickety Twig Table Furnishing 0
Ash Armoire Furnishing 0
Ash Bed Furnishing 0
Ash Bunk Bed Furnishing 0
Ash End Table Furnishing 0
Ash Small Bookcase Furnishing 0
Ash Large Bookcase Furnishing 0
Ash Small Cabinet Furnishing 0
Ash Large Cabinet Furnishing 0
Ash Dining Chair Furnishing 0
Ash Casual Chair Furnishing 0
Ash Desk Furnishing 0
Ash Dresser Furnishing 0
Chandelier - Warm, Bright. Furnishing 0
Ash Wall Shelf Furnishing 0
Ash Stool Furnishing 0
Ash Small Table Furnishing 0
Ash Large Table Furnishing 0
Cut Amber Stonecutting 21
Cut Flawed Aquamarine Stonecutting 1
Cut Pristine Aquamarine Stonecutting 51
Cut Pristine Jade Stonecutting 51
Cut Lapis Lazuli Stonecutting 21
Cut Brilliant Malachite Stonecutting 36
Cut Brilliant Topaz Stonecutting 36
Cut Brilliant Turquoise Stonecutting 36


Weight 0.1 kg
Salvageable false
Repairable false
IsTraded true
BindOnPickup false