This animal hide is unnaturally hot to the touch, but once treated its sturdy quality is unparalleled.
Type: Resource
Class: Rawhide

Derived from: Skinnable Creatures, Rare

Recipe Tradeskill Level
Runic Leather Leatherworking 200
Opus Blade Weaponsmithing 185
Whisper of the Wood Weaponsmithing 195
Stonerend Weaponsmithing 186
Graiths Maul Weaponsmithing 191
Warrior's Breath Weaponsmithing 187
Eternal Dusk Weaponsmithing 192
Renaissance Weaponsmithing 188
Voidbringer's Rapier Weaponsmithing 200
Gilded Defense Weaponsmithing 200
Shield of Suppresion Weaponsmithing 200
Fear of Peace Engineering 190
Musket of Unseen Power Engineering 200
Faedragon's Claw Engineering 196
Soulforged Spear Engineering 200
Best Wishes Engineering 193
Axe of the Abyss Engineering 200
Rage Arcana 186
Master Cryomancer's Gauntlet Arcana 187
Axe of the Abyss Engineering 200