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Rugged Leather (T3)

Crafting Material.
Type: Resource
Class: Resource

Recipe: Rugged Leather

Used in recipes

Recipe Tradeskill Level
Layered Leather Leatherworking 35
Steel Hatchet Weaponsmithing 24
Steel Skinning Knife Engineering 20
Steel Sickle Engineering 20
Steel Logging Axe Engineering 20
Steel Pickaxe Engineering 20
Steel Straight Sword Weaponsmithing 20
Steel War Hammer Weaponsmithing 23
Steel Greathammer Weaponsmithing 0
Steel Spear Weaponsmithing 0
Lacquered Wood Bow Engineering 20
Steel Round Shield Weaponsmithing 21
Steel Kite Shield Weaponsmithing 25
Steel Celestial Gauntlet Arcana 0
Steel Soldier Helm Armoring 25
Steel Heavy Helm Armoring 30
Steel Soldier Breastplate Armoring 24
Steel Heavy Breastplate Armoring 29
Steel Soldier Vambraces Armoring 23
Steel Heavy Gauntlets Armoring 28
Steel Soldier Greaves Armoring 22
Steel Heavy Greaves Armoring 28
Steel Soldier Boots Armoring 21
Steel Heavy Boots Armoring 26
Rugged Leather Explorer Hat Armoring 25
Rawhide Trapper Hat Armoring 30
Rugged Leather Explorer Coat Armoring 24
Rawhide Trapper Coat Armoring 29
Rugged Leather Explorer Gloves Armoring 23
Rawhide Trapper Gloves Armoring 28
Rawhide Trapper Pants Armoring 28
Rugged Leather Explorer Boots Armoring 21
Rawhide Trapper Boots Armoring 26
Sateen Duelist Hat Armoring 25
Sateen Sage Hat Armoring 30
Sateen Duelist Shirt Armoring 24
Sateen Sage Robe Armoring 29
Sateen Sage Gloves Armoring 28
Sateen Duelist Trousers Armoring 22
Sateen Sage Trousers Armoring 28
Sateen Duelist Shoes Armoring 21
Sateen Sage Shoes Armoring 26
Rugged Leather Adventurer's Satchel Armoring 23
Rugged Leather Porter's Duffel Armoring 0
Rugged Leather Explorer Pants Armoring 22
Sateen Duelist Gloves Armoring 23


Weight 0.2 kg
Salvageable true
Repairable false
IsTraded true
BindOnPickup false