Outpost Rush Cache

Open this container to get items usable at or around the indicated level. Containers are not affected by Luck.
Type: Resource
Class: LootContainer

Bind on Pickup: Yes

Drops depend on level and location. Experimental! Please leave a comment if you believe this data to be wrong.

Cloth Hat
Cloth Shirt
Cloth Gloves
Cloth Pants
Cloth Shoes
Cloth Robe Hat
Cloth Robe
Cloth Robe Gloves
Cloth Robe Leggings
Cloth Robe Shoes
Reveler Mask
Reveler Coat
Reveler Gloves
Reveler Pants
Reveler Shoes
Farmer Hat
Farmer Shirt
Farmer Gloves
Farmer Pants
Farmer Boots
Boatswain Hat
Boatswain Shirt
Boatswain Gloves
Boatswain Pants
Boatswain Shoes
Waterlogged Hat
Waterlogged Shirt
Waterlogged Gloves
Waterlogged Pants
Waterlogged Shoes
Finely-woven Hat
Finely-woven Vest
Finely-woven Gloves
Finely-woven Leggings
Finely-cobbled Shoes
Cloth Hood
Cloth Dress
Cloth Gloves
Cloth Leggings
Cloth Shoes
Shamanic Tippet
Shamanic Headdress
Shamanic Leggings
Shamanic Shoes
Shamanic Gloves
Musketeer's Hat
Musketeer's Coat
Musketeer's Gloves
Musketeer's Pants
Musketeer's Boots
Officer's Hat
Officer's Coat
Officer's Gloves
Officer's Pants
Officer's Boots
Leather Hat
Leather Coat
Leather Gloves
Leather Pants
Leather Boots
Trapper Hat
Trapper Coat
Trapper Gloves
Trapper Pants
Trapper Boots
Sorcerer Hunter Hat
Sorcerer Hunter Coat
Sorcerer Hunter Gauntlets
Sorcerer Hunter Pants
Sorcerer Hunter Boots
Rescuer Hat
Rescuer Shirt
Rescuer Gloves
Rescuer Pants
Rescuer Boots
Swashbuckler Hat
Swashbuckler Coat
Swashbuckler Gloves
Swashbuckler Pants
Swashbuckler Boots
Pirate Captain Hat
Pirate Captain Coat
Pirate Captain Gloves
Pirate Captain Pants
Pirate Captain Shoes
Pirate Gunslinger Hat
Pirate Gunslinger Coat
Pirate Gunslinger Gloves
Pirate Gunslinger Pants
Pirate Gunslinger Shoes
Plate Helm
Plate Breastplate
Plate Gauntlets
Plate Greaves
Plate Boots
Heavy Helm
Heavy Breastplate
Heavy Gauntlets
Heavy Greaves
Heavy Boots
Scout Helm
Scout Breastplate
Scout Gauntlets
Scout Greaves
Scout Boots
Ornamental Breastplate
Ornamental Helm
Ornamental Greaves
Ornamental Sabatons
Ornamental Gauntlets
Old Earring
Old Ring
Old Amulet
Round Shield
Kite Shield
Tower Shield
War Hammer
Fire Staff
Life Staff
Great Axe
Ice Gauntlet
Void Gauntlet
Illusory Enigma
Remnant of Before
Lone Tracker's Bow
Wildfire Torch
Survival of the Fittest
Enforcer's Battleaxe
Swan Song
Gripping Rime
Vow of Vengeance
Conqueror's Justice
Conqueror's Cunning
Conqueror's Guile
Conqueror's Will
Conqueror's Reach
Conqueror's Aim
Conqueror's Roar
Conqueror's Dominion
Conqueror's Flame
Conqueror's Beacon
Conqueror's Defense
Conqueror's Bastion
Rusher Ice Gauntlet
Illusory Enigma
Rusher Plate Helm
Rusher Plate Chestguard
Rusher Plate Gauntlets
Rusher Plate Greaves
Rusher Plate Boots
Rusher Leather Helm
Rusher Leather Chestguard
Rusher Leather Gauntlets
Rusher Leather Greaves
Rusher Leather Boots
Rusher Cloth Helm
Rusher Cloth Chestguard
Rusher Cloth Gauntlets
Rusher Cloth Greaves
Rusher Cloth Boots
Outpost Blunderbuss
Rusher Void Gauntlet
Rusher Earring
Rusher Ring
Rusher Amulet

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