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Layered Leather (T4)

Crafting Material.
Type: Resource
Class: Resource

Recipe: Layered Leather

Used in recipes

Recipe Tradeskill Level
Infused Leather Leatherworking 50
Starmetal Hatchet Weaponsmithing 39
Starmetal Skinning Knife Engineering 35
Starmetal Sickle Engineering 35
Starmetal Logging Axe Engineering 35
Starmetal Pickaxe Engineering 35
Starmetal Straight Sword Weaponsmithing 35
Starmetal War Hammer Weaponsmithing 38
Starmetal Greathammer Weaponsmithing 0
Starmetal Spear Weaponsmithing 0
Wyrdwood Bow Engineering 35
Starmetal Round Shield Weaponsmithing 36
Starmetal Kite Shield Weaponsmithing 40
Starmetal Buckler Weaponsmithing 0
Starmetal Celestial Gauntlet Arcana 0
Starmetal Soldier Helm Armoring 40
Starmetal Heavy Helm Armoring 45
Starmetal Pathfinder Helm Armoring 0
Starmetal Soldier Breastplate Armoring 39
Starmetal Heavy Breastplate Armoring 44
Starmetal Pathfinder Breastplate Armoring 0
Starmetal Pathfinder Vambraces Armoring 0
Starmetal Soldier Greaves Armoring 37
Starmetal Heavy Greaves Armoring 42
Starmetal Pathfinder Greaves Armoring 0
Starmetal Soldier Boots Armoring 36
Starmetal Heavy Boots Armoring 41
Starmetal Pathfinder Boots Armoring 0
Layered Leather Witch Hunter Hat Armoring 0
Layered Leather Explorer Coat Armoring 39
Fur Trapper Coat Armoring 44
Layered Leather Witch Hunter Coat Armoring 0
Layered Leather Explorer Gloves Armoring 48
Fur Trapper Gloves Armoring 43
Layered Leather Explorer Pants Armoring 37
Fur Trapper Pants Armoring 42
Layered Leather Explorer Boots Armoring 35
Fur Trapper Boots Armoring 41
Layered Leather Witch Hunter Boots Armoring 0
Silk Duelist Hat Armoring 40
Silk Sage Hat Armoring 45
Silk Officer Hat Armoring 0
Silk Duelist Shirt Armoring 39
Silk Sage Robe Armoring 44
Silk Officer Coat Armoring 0
Silk Duelist Gloves Armoring 48
Silk Sage Gloves Armoring 43
Silk Officer Gloves Armoring 0
Silk Duelist Trousers Armoring 37
Silk Sage Trousers Armoring 42
Silk Duelist Shoes Armoring 35
Silk Sage Shoes Armoring 41
Silk Officer Shoes Armoring 0
Layered Leather Adventurer's Satchel Armoring 38
Layered Leather Porter's Duffel Armoring 0
Starmetal Soldier Vambraces Armoring 48
Starmetal Heavy Gauntlets Armoring 43
Layered Leather Explorer Hat Armoring 40
Fur Trapper Hat Armoring 45
Layered Leather Witch Hunter Gauntlets Armoring 0
Layered Leather Witch Hunter Pants Armoring 0
Silk Officer Trousers Armoring 0


Weight 0.2 kg
Salvageable true
Repairable false
IsTraded true
BindOnPickup false