Common sugar, used to sweeten a dish during cooking or make confections.
Type: Resource
Class: Food

Derived from: Provision Containers

Experimental! Please leave a comment if you believe this data to be wrong.

Alcyon (66)
Asterus (66)
Chardis (66)
Cilla (66)
Damysys (66)
Demos (66)
Dolos (66)
Khamruset Arcanist (66)
Palas (66)
Pride of the Trees (66)
Selen-Undat (45)
Tolos (66)


Karnage, 11 months ago
I have found the answer and confirmed it.  Provision Crates/chests in "Windsward" drop sugar.
L1pee, 11 months ago
here i find ?
Karnage, 11 months ago
You find in provision crates. Or rather you dont. Drop rate is terrible. Unless like  Herbing is drops to a specific region. I can find no info on that though. Would be nice if someone could say which ZONE they got a drop of SUGAR from a Crate.
Koernel, 11 months ago
you can get it at Pride of Puckett and Heckers Heaven in Windsward, found there a lot

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