Garlic bulb, used to add a savory, warm element to cuisine.
Type: Resource
Class: Food

Derived from: Herb Plants

Experimental! Please leave a comment if you believe this data to be wrong.

19th Legionnaire (66)
Anpu (66)
Anubian Automaton (66)
Anubian Guardian Archer (66)
Anubian Guardian Reaver (66)
Anubian Guardian Sentry (66)
Anubian Scarab Construct (66)
Anubian Sphinx Construct (66)
Apis (66)
Corrupted Cyclops (66)
Fetket (66)
General Crassus (66)
Godling Khepri Supernal (66)
Heru (66)
Horon (66)
Horus Automaton (66)
Legion Infantry (66)
Legion Prefect (66)
Legion Sagittarii (66)
Legion Servus (66)
Legion Signifer (66)
Lucius (66)
Pluto (66)
Sah (66)
Scipio (66)
Seth-Peribsen (66)
Shai (66)


Nicku, about 1 year ago
Garlic is one of the herb/spices that can drop when harvesting herbs in Everfall
kpd10435, about 1 year ago
where do you find this item doesnt say
DoctorNashty, about 1 year ago
smtp, about 1 year ago
Are there other places we could find Garlic in Herbs?

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