Cinnamon bark, used to add a spicy, warm element to cuisine.
Type: Resource
Class: Food

Derived from: Herb Plants

Experimental! Please leave a comment if you believe this data to be wrong.

Alluvium Marl, the Caretaker (66)
Barder (66)
Circes (66)
Forcos (66)
Fulg'da (66)
Genesis Archer (66)
Genesis Fiend (66)
Genesis Hive (66)
Genesis Prowler (66)
Genesis Shaman (66)
Genesis Soldier (66)
Gorgyri (66)
Kotemos (66)
Morphian (66)
Named Brute TBD (56)
O'dus (66)
Tax'i (66)
Taxodius (66)
The Blighted Greenskeeper (66)


Nicku, 11 months ago
Cinnamon  is one of the herb/spices that can drop when harvesting herbs in Cutlass Keys
Hyze, 11 months ago
 First Light Area drop (Cinnamon with drop rate of = 43%) 
Zelgraz, 11 months ago
Hyze, 11 months ago
and also at First light

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