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Herb (T0)

A key ingredient in many Alchemical Concoctions.
Type: Resource
Class: Resource

Used in recipes

Recipe Tradeskill Level
Bandage Arcana 0
Healing Drop WildernessSurvival 1
Distilled Healing Tincture Arcana 1
Concentrated Healing Tincture Arcana 20
Strong Healing Tincture Arcana 35
Powerful Healing Tincture Arcana 50
Weak Rejuvenation Potion Arcana 3
Distilled Rejuvenation Potion Arcana 22
Concentrated Rejuvenation Potion Arcana 37
Strong Rejuvenation Potion Arcana 52
Distilled Endurance Potion Arcana 0
Concentrated Endurance Potion Arcana 38
Strong Endurance Potion Arcana 53
Weak Focus Potion Arcana 3
Distilled Focus Potion Arcana 23
Concentrated Focus Potion Arcana 39
Strong Focus Potion Arcana 53
Concentrated Encumbrance Potion Arcana 40
Strong Encumbrance Potion Arcana 54
Concentrated Corruption Tincture WildernessSurvival 23
Concentrated Blight Tincture WildernessSurvival 36
Concentrated Freezing Tincture WildernessSurvival 22
Burn Balm Arcana 5
Disease Cure Arcana 5
Speed Restorative Arcana 5
Ability Restorative Arcana 5
Armor Restorative Arcana 5
Strength Restorative Arcana 5
Basic Fire Defense Potion Arcana 21
Strong Fire Defense Potion Arcana 36
Powerful Fire Defense Potion Arcana 51
Basic Magic Defense Potion Arcana 22
Strong Magic Defense Potion Arcana 37
Powerful Magic Defense Potion Arcana 52
Basic Lightning Defense Potion Arcana 23
Strong Lightning Defense Potion Arcana 38
Powerful Lightning Defense Potion Arcana 53
Basic Void Defense Potion Arcana 24
Strong Void Defense Potion Arcana 39
Powerful Void Defense Potion Arcana 54
Herb Crusted Fish Cooking 6
Roasted Squash Cooking 8
Nutty Brew Cooking 8
Satisfying Meal Cooking 20
Herb-Crusted Steak Cooking 21
Honey-nut Bread Cooking 21
Poached Egg Cooking 21
Herb-crusted Poultry Cooking 21
Boiled Potatoes Cooking 24
Herb-Crusted Corn on the Cob Cooking 24
Carrot Soup Cooking 24
Herb-Roasted Cabbage Cooking 24
Filling Meal Cooking 35
Steak and Potato Stew Cooking 36
Herb Roasted Fish Cooking 36
Steak and Eggs Cooking 36
Cranberry-glazed Poultry Cooking 36
Roasted Vegetable Medley Cooking 38
Poultry with Roasted Potatoes Cooking 39
Cabbage-Wrapped Roasted Fish Cooking 39
Hearty Meal Cooking 50
Devilled Eggs Cooking 51
Herb-Crusted Vegetables Cooking 53
Spicy Steak Pie Cooking 54
Savory Fish Cake Cooking 54
Wall Woven Wicker Wreath Furnishing 0
Healing Drop Arcana 0
Distilled Encumbrance Potion Arcana 24
Poison Antidote Arcana 5
Shock Extractor Arcana 5
Cornbread Cooking 9
Herb-crusted Broccoli Cooking 23
Creamed Corn Cooking 38
Savory Vegetable Medley Cooking 53


Weight 0.1 kg
Salvageable false
Repairable false
IsTraded true
BindOnPickup false