Herald of the Storm

"When they see the first arrow descend upon them, they shall know that we have arrived."
Type: Weapon
Class: Bow

Gear Score: 400 - 500
Base Damage: 198 - 230
Crit Chance: 5.0%


Ranger Main-Hand Weapon Attributes
19 - 24 Dexterity
Keenly Jagged
On Crit: cause bleed that deals 7% weapon damage per second for 6.0s. (10.0s cooldown.)
Reduces max cooldowns by -2.5%.
+2.3% chance at rare items from chests and monsters.

Experimental! Please leave a comment if you believe this data to be wrong.

Ancient Guardian Archer (58)
Dryad Archer (40 - 58)
Skerryshiv Archer (46)
Swamp Archer (58)

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