Grand Transmutation Catalyst

A powerful magical catalyst used to transmute one material into another. Their method of creation is a closely guarded secret.
Type: Resource
Class: Resource

Derived from: Faction Shop

Recipe Tradeskill Level
Orichalcum Battle Medal Weaponsmithing 160
Infused Leather Beaded Straps Engineering 160
Infused Silk Arcane Embroidery Arcana 160
Orichalcum Guardsman's Insignia Armoring 160
Ironwood Prayer Beads Arcana 160
Wolf Fang Weaponsmithing 160
Platinum Lost Locket Weaponsmithing 160
Bear Fang Weaponsmithing 160
Boar Tusk Weaponsmithing 160
Infused Leather Scourge Engineering 160
Venom Sac Engineering 160
Orichalcum Hook Engineering 160
Orichalcum Corrupted Casing Engineering 160
Ancient Encrusted Totem Arcana 160
Runic Dryad Bark Arcana 160
Infused Leather Corrupted Fetish Arcana 160
Vial of Powerful Energy Arcana 160
Powerful Quartz Crystal Armoring 160
Ancient Animal Bone Armoring 160
Living Dryad Vine Armoring 160
Powerful Dryad Sap Armoring 160
Ancient Skull Weaponsmithing 160
Ironwood Tree Sap Engineering 160
Ancient Platinum Talisman Arcana 160
Orichalcum Pocketwatch Armoring 160