All data is based on the New World Preview Client and will change before release!

Compulsion (T5)

"I cannot step away, I cannot turn my gaze. I will stand until I can stand no longer."
Type: Weapon
Class: Shield

Gear Score: 625
Base Damage: 214


Strike Ward III
+5% Strike Damage Absorption
Slash Ward III
+5% Slash Damage Absorption
Fire Ward III
+5% Fire Damage Absorption

Level Requirement: 50
Bind on Pickup: Yes


Durability 3000
Weight 5.4 kg
Base Gear Score 500
Salvageable false
Repairable true
BindOnPickup true
PrimaryUse Combat Melee
EquipType Shield
GatheringTypes None
GatheringMultiplier 1.0
GatheringEfficiency 0.0
PrimaryHand Main
BaseDamage 73
CritDamageMultiplier 1.5
BaseStaggerDamage 62
CritStaggerDamageMultiplier 1.5
RequiredStrength 0
RequiredDexterity 0
RequiredIntelligence 0
RequiredSpirit 0
ScalingStrength 0.05
ScalingDexterity 0.0
ScalingIntelligence 0.0
ScalingSpirit 0.0