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Coarse Leather (T2)

Crafting Material.
Type: Resource
Class: Resource

Recipe: Coarse Leather

Used in recipes

Recipe Tradeskill Level
Iron Hatchet Weaponsmithing 4
Iron Skinning Knife Engineering 0
Iron Sickle Engineering 0
Iron Logging Axe Engineering 0
Iron Pickaxe Engineering 0
Iron Straight Sword Weaponsmithing 0
Iron War Hammer Weaponsmithing 3
Iron Spear Weaponsmithing 0
Iron Round Shield Weaponsmithing 1
Treated Wood Bow Engineering 0
Iron Celestial Gauntlet Arcana 0
Iron Soldier Breastplate Armoring 4
Iron Soldier Vambraces Armoring 3
Iron Soldier Greaves Armoring 2
Iron Soldier Boots Armoring 0
Coarse Leather Explorer Hat Armoring 5
Coarse Leather Explorer Coat Armoring 4
Coarse Leather Explorer Gloves Armoring 3
Coarse Leather Explorer Pants Armoring 2
Coarse Leather Explorer Boots Armoring 0
Linen Duelist Hat Armoring 5
Linen Duelist Shirt Armoring 4
Linen Duelist Gloves Armoring 3
Linen Duelist Trousers Armoring 2
Linen Duelist Shoes Armoring 0
Coarse Leather Adventurer's Satchel Armoring 3
Coarse Leather Porter's Duffel Armoring 0
Rugged Leather Leatherworking 20
Iron Soldier Helm Armoring 5
Macab Storage Chest Furnishing 0


Weight 0.2 kg
Salvageable false
Repairable false
IsTraded true
BindOnPickup false