All data is based on the New World Preview Client and will change before release!

Cael's Veil (T5)

"In each lie there may be truths, and in each truth there may be lies. The difference stops mattering after so long lived."
Type: Armor
Class: Head

Gear Score: 580
Physical Armor Rating: 177 - 177
Elemental Armor Rating: 177 - 177


Strike Ward III
+5% Strike Damage Absorption
Lightning Ward III
+5% Lightning Damage Absorption
Blight Resistance III
+15 Blight Resistance
Pristine Amethyst Gem
+3 Intelligence, +2 Focus

Level Requirement: 50
Bind on Pickup: Yes


Durability 350
Weight 4.0 kg
Base Gear Score 580
Salvageable false
Repairable true
BindOnPickup true
Grit 3.0
PhysicalArmorSetScaleFactor 0.42857
ElementalArmorSetScaleFactor 0.42857
ArmorRatingScaleFactor 0.2