All data is based on the New World Preview Client and will change before release!

Bondsman's Cloth Hat (T5)

"We are bound by oath to this land. If we tarry, we fall. So, we work."
Type: Armor
Class: Head

Gear Score: 575
Physical Armor Rating: 102 - 102
Elemental Armor Rating: 335 - 335


Abyssal Ward III
+5% Void Damage Absorption
Corrupted Ward III
+5% Damage Absorption against Corrupted
Thrust Ward III
+5% Thrust Damage Absorption
Empty Gem Socket
An empty socket for a gem

Level Requirement: 55
Bind on Pickup: Yes


Durability 350
Weight 2.0 kg
Base Gear Score 575
Salvageable false
Repairable true
BindOnPickup true
Grit 1.5
PhysicalArmorSetScaleFactor 0.25
ElementalArmorSetScaleFactor 0.81817
ArmorRatingScaleFactor 0.2