Azure Ravager

Blazing a trail of both fire and hope.
Type: Weapon
Class: Hatchet

Gear Score: 580
Base Damage: 255
Crit Chance: 4.0%


Soldier Main-Hand Weapon Attributes
28 Strength
Empowered IV
50.0% of damage is converted to Arcane. Damage scales off base weapon stat or INT, whichever is higher.
Corrupted Bane
+13.7% Damage to Corrupted.
Crippling Feral Rush
When you successfully hit with Feral Rush cause a -19.1% slow for 3.0s.

Bind on Pickup: Yes

Durability 3000
Weight 5.4 kg
Salvageable true
Repairable true
BindOnPickup true
PrimaryUse Combat Melee
EquipType RSword_LeftHolster
DamageStatMultiplier 0.0
GatheringTypes None
GatheringMultiplier 1.0
GatheringEfficiency 0.0
PrimaryHand Main
AddStatusEffects EatRawFood
IsGem false
PerkBucket PerkBucket_BearPawT1
BaseDamage 63.0
CritDamageMultiplier 1.4
BaseStaggerDamage 42.0
CritStaggerDamageMultiplier 1.5
AmmoType Thrown
RequiredStrength 0.0
RequiredDexterity 0.0
RequiredIntelligence 0.0
ScalingStrength 0.009
ScalingDexterity 0.0065
ScalingIntelligence 0.0
BlaStandard 1.0
BlaSiege 1.0
BlaStrike 1.0
BlaSlash 1.0
BlaThrust 1.0
BlaFire 1.0
BlaLightning 1.0
BlaCorruption 1.0
AbaPoison 0.4
AbaDisease 0.4
AbaBleed 0.4
AbaFrostbite 0.4
AbaCurse 0.4


DeepBlu33995, 10 months ago
Almost every part of the quest chain to get this is soloable except for one. The part where you are sent to Shattered Mountain to kill 50 level 63+ Gold Elite mobs in Scarred Mine. This place is full of aggro and corruption and will need at least 2 people, preferably more.

First the quest will send you to kill elite mobs in Brightwood, Restless Shore, and Morningdale. These are all fairly easy to solo with the exception of the Morningdale boss room which will take some effort. Also be aware that to go into the temple in Restless Shore you will need to be able to cut down Wyrdwood Trees which block the side entrence.

At that point you will have to kill the elites in Shattered Mountain, which is the hardest part. After, kill mobs in Great Cleave (level 50 elites), then kill mobs in Weaver's Den (lvl 40 elites) and FINALLY kill mobs in Cutlass (lvl 40 elites)

Finally, CONGRATS! You have an Azure Ravager.


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