Mountain Lion

Requires Skinning, Level 0

Base Gather Time: 25 Seconds
Respawn Time: 21 - 30 Minutes
Experience: 15
Skinning XP: 132


Drops depend on skill level, luck bonus and location. Experimental! Please leave a comment if you believe this data to be wrong.

Rawhide (T1)
Infused Claw (T2)
Infused Fang (T2)
Ragehide (T2)
Red Meat (T2)
Fur (T3)
Shadowfur (T3)
Animal Eye (T4)
Brightscale Hide (T4)
Thick Fur (T4)
Thick Hide (T4)
Shifthide (T4)
Infused Fur (T5)
Prime Red Meat (T5)
Iron Hide (T5)
Scarhide (T5)
Smolderhide (T5)
Animal Claw
Jagged Animal Claw
Pristine Animal Claw
Animal Fang
Jagged Animal Fang
Pristine Animal Fang
Tattered Mangy Hide
Worn Mangy Hide
Callus Mangy Hide
Bear Blood
Wolf Blood
Boar Blood