Cursed Storage Chest

A chest that grants access to your storage, and increases your storage when placed in your home. Definitely cursed, 100%.
Tier: 4
Category: Misc

Rank Points: 0.14
Max Allowed For Rank Points : 1
Negative Limit For Rank Points: 2

Storage Bonus: 525.0
Weight: 10


Crossfire_GER0623, 15 days ago
Gefunden in "Brackwasser" in den Truhen von Himmelsblickrast
Crossfire_GER0623, 15 days ago
Habe sie dort in den Kisten gefunden!
Schrumpelhut, 27 days ago
found it in stockpile chest in shattered mountain
Phazington6316, about 1 month ago
Found in the northeast of Mourningdale. I am not sure which chest as I only checked my bags after they got full. Definitely not the elite zone, at least.
redandblue, about 2 months ago
i found one in the Amrine dungeon from a chest there 
redandblue, about 2 months ago
i got one of this ones from a chest in Amrine the lvl25 Dungeon . im pretty sure its just a random stockpile chest drop 
Betinh0w0, 2 months ago
Does anyone know any information about this chest?

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