Unholy Rector

Level 61

Type: Dungeon+

Health: 63099
Kill XP: 70

Very weak against Arcane (30.0% more damage)
Moderately weak against Thrust (20.0% more damage)
Slightly weak against Nature (15.0% more damage)

Very strong against Ice (40.0% less damage)
Slightly strong against Strike (15.0% less damage)



Location: The Depths (Expedition)

Possible Loot

Drops depend on level and location. Experimental! Please leave a comment if you believe this data to be wrong.

Common Regeneration Potion (T2)
Deepwatcher's Ice Gauntlet (T4)
Frostwall (T4)
Rejected Sacrifice (T4)
Deepwatcher Longsword (T4)
Deepwatcher Rapier (T4)
Deepwatcher Hatchet (T4)
Deepwatcher Bow (T4)
Deepwatcher Great Axe (T4)
Deepwatcher Kite Shield (T4)
Deepwatcher Musket (T4)
Tundra Warden's Rifle (T4)
Deepwatcher Round Shield (T4)
Abyssal Strike (T4)
Deepwatcher Spear (T4)
Dark Pyromancer's Spellstaff (T4)
Deepwatcher Fire Staff (T4)
Deepwatcher Life Staff (T4)
Duplicitous Intent (T4)
Deepwatcher Tower Shield (T4)
Desecrated Maul (T4)
Deepwatcher War Hammer (T4)
Blessing of Forefathers (T4)
Heart's Tendril Trinket (T4)
Deepwarden's Battleplate (T4)
Deepwarden's Battlestompers (T4)
Deepwarden's Battlebraces (T4)
Deepwarden's Battlehelm (T4)
Deepwarden's Battleguards (T4)
Deepmist Spy's Shirt (T4)
Deepmist Spy's Shoes (T4)
Deepmist Spy's Gloves (T4)
Deepmist Spy's Hat (T4)
Ethereal Visage (T4)
Deepmist Spy's Leggings (T4)
Depthguard's Coat (T4)
Depthguard's Boots (T4)
Depthguard's Gloves (T4)
Depthguard's Hat (T4)
Depthguard's Pants (T4)
Deepwatcher's Void Gauntlet (T4)
Grasp of the Malign Wind (T5)
Abhorrent Reproach (T5)
Tolerant Hound (T5)
Abomination's Mandible (T5)
Al'kazor (T5)
Anakor, Gaze of Serpents (T5)
Blazing Reaver (T5)
Break Beyond (T5)
Brinelash (T5)
Ciradim, Charge of the Guardian (T5)
Edge of the Defiled (T5)
Dryad's Demise (T5)
Emerald's Eye (T5)
Formal Invitation (T5)
Frostbite (T5)
Fulgurite Slasher (T5)
Gravescraper (T5)
Greenkeeper (T5)
Soulwarden's Guide (T5)
Guardian's Charge (T5)
Hatred's Bite (T5)
Hemogoblin (T5)
Jupiter's Favor (T5)
Lane's Lament (T5)
Liberator Of Souls (T5)
Luminous Dream (T5)
Malicious Intent (T5)
Malum (T5)
Rallying Cry (T5)
Reckless (T5)
Rimeblade (T5)
Second Chance (T5)
Seeker of Secrets (T5)
Seer's End (T5)
Shard Of The Obelisk (T5)
Sin (T5)
Slicing Zephyr (T5)
Spirithound (T5)
Surrogate of Justice (T5)
Tempest (T5)
The Black Blade (T5)
The Fairy Queens Jest (T5)
The Familiar (T5)
The Messenger (T5)
The Way Home (T5)
Valor's Folly (T5)
Vinesnapper (T5)
Voice of the Makers (T5)
Volcanic Reaver (T5)
Warden of the Wilds (T5)
Widowmaker (T5)
Wildfire (T5)
Will of the Hunter (T5)
Wishful Wail (T5)
Adiana's Fury (T5)
Ancient Tales (T5)
Blade of a Thousand Cuts (T5)
Bloodfeast (T5)
Burning Passion (T5)
Coalesced Void Rapier (T5)
Poinard of the Repugnant (T5)
Crème De La Crème (T5)
Darkforged Void Sabre (T5)
Energized Ancient Rapier (T5)
Fever (T5)
First Mate's Rapier (T5)
Flash of Light (T5)
Fleshsplicer's Rapier (T5)
Foretold Fate (T5)
Forever Frost (T5)
Forgotten Remnant (T5)
Godfall (T5)
Grandmaster Duelist's Rapier (T5)
Harbinger of the End (T5)
Hopelessness (T5)
Icicle (T5)
Jolly Roger's Rapier (T5)
Last Blow (T5)
Lightning Call (T5)
Lightning's Splendor (T5)
Isabella's Rapier (T5)
Piercing Cold (T5)
Queensguard (T5)
Rapier of Arcane Tricks (T5)
Rapier of the Grand Champion (T5)
Rapier of the Linen Duelist (T5)
Rapier of the Summer Solstice (T5)
Rotten Rapier (T5)
Ruination (T5)
Sabre of the Dark Cultist (T5)
Silver Tongue's Rapier (T5)
Sleight of Hand (T5)
Slice n' Dice (T5)
Soulneedle (T5)
Southern Wind (T5)
Stormbreak (T5)
Suave Swashbuckler's Rapier (T5)
Tour de Pain (T5)
Troubador (T5)
Veronica's Justice (T5)
Wartorn Rapier (T5)
Watcher's Dutybound Rapier (T5)
Wavepiercer (T5)
Wedding Tribute (T5)
Weightless Sabre (T5)
Rondel of Hateful Defiance (T5)
Governess (T5)
Weary Traveler (T5)
Alakazham's Incantation (T5)
Alphabane (T5)
Balanos's Crystal Battleaxe (T5)
Beyond Reason (T5)
Brittle Bones (T5)
Cauterizing Hatchet (T5)
Chillwind Hatchet (T5)
Ciradul, the Lazarine Warden (T5)
Clean Conscious (T5)
Cobra-headed Hatchet (T5)
Corpsebride's Cleaver (T5)
Corrupted Chopper (T5)
Talon of the Detestable (T5)
Crawler's Cleaver (T5)
Cultist's Cleaver (T5)
Daedalus (T5)
Desecrated Ceremonial Hatchet (T5)
Diamondhead (T5)
Eviscerator (T5)
Fiendish Slicer (T5)
Foulmouth (T5)
Fury (T5)
Graverobber (T5)
Hatchet of the Arcane Tower (T5)
Honorsbane (T5)
Horrific Slasher (T5)
Hulking Hatchet (T5)
Legacy (T5)
Magma (T5)
Mammoth's Tusk (T5)
Muttering Madness (T5)
Nyhart's Hatchet (T5)
Obsidian Reaver (T5)
Ona'thul (T5)
Orion's Road (T5)
Revenge of the Fallen (T5)
Scorpio Slasher (T5)
Shattered Dreams (T5)
Spriggan's Claw (T5)
Storm's Edge (T5)
Tailchopper (T5)
The Butcher's Cleaver (T5)
The Confidant (T5)
The Quartermaster (T5)
Timewarped Axe (T5)
Tundra's Call (T5)
Ultimate Clarity (T5)
Virulent Edge (T5)
Wavebound Hatchet (T5)
Werewolf Hunter (T5)
Wild Ambition (T5)
Zealous Hatchet (T5)
Inglorious Redoubt (T5)
Anchor's Mark (T5)
Angel's Wings (T5)
Arcane Sight (T5)
Athena's Charge (T5)
Blind Justice (T5)
Bloodboiled Longbow (T5)
Bow of Arcane Sacrifice (T5)
Bow of Good Fortune (T5)
Bow of the Crystal Palace (T5)
Bow of the Woods Demon (T5)
Noisome Harp (T5)
Crow's Eye Bow (T5)
Dark Heart (T5)
Dragon's Breath Bow (T5)
Dreamseeker (T5)
End of Tyranny (T5)
Eternal Suffering (T5)
Ferret's Firey Longbow (T5)
Fleshbinder's Recurve (T5)
Forced Heir (T5)
Forked Tongue (T5)
Frost Bite (T5)
Gilded Recurve (T5)
Hailstorm (T5)
Heart of the Greenwoods (T5)
Heartseeker (T5)
Longbow of the Earthmother (T5)
Longbow of the Rainbow Legion (T5)
Longbow of the Starstone Barrows (T5)
Miradath, the Corrupted Vision (T5)
Osilius, Longbow of the Exiled Archmage (T5)
Precision (T5)
Recurve of the Dark Gods (T5)
Ruby Recurve (T5)
Shadow of the Moon (T5)
Silent Demise (T5)
Sorrow's Cry (T5)
Soulthief (T5)
Steadylimb (T5)
Stormcursed Bow (T5)
Swashbuckler's Trueshot (T5)
Terror of the Seas (T5)
The Demon Lord's Bow (T5)
Titanic Intent (T5)
Western Wind (T5)
Arcane Reaper (T5)
Artisinal Great Axe (T5)
Axe of the Binding (T5)
Axe of the Cold Depths (T5)
Axe of the Forgotten Son (T5)
Balanced Destruction (T5)
Battleaxe of Atlantis (T5)
Battleaxe of the Charted Path (T5)
Conversion (T5)
Doom Inexorable (T5)
Crystalforged Waraxe (T5)
Dark Emerald Decapitator (T5)
Drillanov's Cleaver (T5)
Great Axe of Geya (T5)
Greataxe of the Maw (T5)
Hamstring (T5)
Hurricane's Herald (T5)
Innocence (T5)
Insatiable Great Axe (T5)
Judgement (T5)
Kingslayer (T5)
Kul'kresh, the Dormant Herald (T5)
Molten Metal (T5)
No Remorse (T5)
Noxious Great Axe (T5)
Ogre's Hairtrimmer (T5)
Raider's Lockbreaker (T5)
Reaver of Darkness (T5)
Recluse's Great Axe (T5)
Salted Earth (T5)
Scarred Great Axe of the 4th Legion (T5)
Shred of Hope (T5)
Song of the Tempest (T5)
Song of Victory (T5)
Spinal Cleaver (T5)
Sporereaver (T5)
Tempermental Waraxe (T5)
Tempest (T5)
Thunderclap (T5)
Timesplitter (T5)
Warrior's Resolve (T5)
Wavesplitter (T5)
Whirling Matter (T5)
Bad Intentions (T5)
Beast of Burden (T5)
Cold Bore (T5)
Corpse Reaver's Rifle (T5)
Unrighteous Thundermaw (T5)
Cryptic Message (T5)
Crystal Infused Rifle (T5)
Damned Flintlock (T5)
Davy Jones' Musket (T5)
Defiler of the Damned (T5)
Deserted Rifle (T5)
Doom, Rifle of the Tempest (T5)
Dynasty Warrior's Musket (T5)
Eternal Rest (T5)
Famed Trueshot (T5)
Feral Flintlock (T5)
Folly of Man (T5)
Greenkeeper's Blighted Hand Cannon (T5)
Gutshot (T5)
Harbinger of Ethereal Power (T5)
Heat of the Moment (T5)
Heirloom Musket (T5)
Icebound Trueshot (T5)
Immortal Handcannon (T5)
Kings's Folly (T5)
Magi's Emissary (T5)
Mithril Longrifle (T5)
Moonwalker's Rifle (T5)
Musket of the Elder God (T5)
Musket of the Enchanted Wilds (T5)
Musket of the Snowy Reaches (T5)
Obsidian Shot (T5)
Overflowing Power (T5)
Peace Broker (T5)
Perfect Vision (T5)
Powerful Fireshot (T5)
Pristine Sniper Rifle (T5)
Prize Winning Rifle (T5)
Queen's Shot (T5)
Rifle of Regret (T5)
Rifle of the Corrupted Abomination (T5)
Rifle of the Corrupted Keeper (T5)
Rythia's Sin (T5)
Second Son (T5)
Sinbringer's Rifle (T5)
Spriggan Shot (T5)
The Justifier (T5)
Timebound Musket (T5)
Zeus's Lightningshot (T5)
Alchemist's Pot Stirrer (T5)
Anarchy (T5)
Ancient Tidings (T5)
Archaelogist's Defender (T5)
Archon's Frozen Spear (T5)
Brittle Longspear (T5)
Broadside Sticker (T5)
Callous Javelin (T5)
Caudanthe, Fang of Serpens (T5)
Cold-Blooded Killer (T5)
Corrupted Captain's Pike (T5)
Lance of the Profane (T5)
Farmer's Hope (T5)
Galleon's Spearhead (T5)
Grand Archmage Morigos's Ancient Spear (T5)
Hellsplitter (T5)
Hollow Demise (T5)
Humming Crystal Javelin (T5)
Isomir, the Blighted Tender's Spear (T5)
Lightning's Call (T5)
Lightningstrike (T5)
Long Forgotten Pike (T5)
Magmaquake (T5)
Oranath, Spear of the Corrupted Servant (T5)
Pestillent Shortspear (T5)
Phoenix's Flight (T5)
Poseidon's Trident (T5)
Renewed Faith (T5)
Shard of a Memory (T5)
Siren Queen's Sparring Spear (T5)
Spear of Destiny (T5)
Spear of Eternal Torment (T5)
Spear of Hades (T5)
Spear of Malcontent (T5)
Spear of the Cruel Mage (T5)
Spear of the First Snow (T5)
Spear of the Praetorian Guard (T5)
Stormbound Conduit (T5)
Stormsong (T5)
Tempered Expectations (T5)
Unjust Executer (T5)
Valor's Spear (T5)
Wicked Spear of the West (T5)
Agony (T5)
Ashen Dark Staff (T5)
Awoken Ash Staff (T5)
Burning Void (T5)
Caputah, Gaze of Serpens (T5)
Seething Helbrand (T5)
Corrupted Mage's Spellstaff (T5)
Corruption's Flame (T5)
Duality (T5)
Enmity (T5)
Fiery Ghoul's Gravestaff (T5)
Firebound Spellstaff (T5)
Fire Crystal Spell Staff (T5)
Firefrost (T5)
Fire Lord's Staff (T5)
Fire of Darkness (T5)
Fire Staff of the Frozen Guardian (T5)
Flamebreath (T5)
Flame of Hephaestus (T5)
Flame of the Corrupted Keeper (T5)
Forgelighter (T5)
Great Staff of the Royal Torturer (T5)
Heretic (T5)
Ignition (T5)
Lavabinder (T5)
Meteoric Decimation (T5)
Obsidian Tipped Fire Staff (T5)
Overcooked Fire Staff (T5)
Overheat (T5)
Pyromaniac (T5)
Scorched Earth (T5)
Singed Flesh (T5)
Skeletal Staff of Torment (T5)
Spectral Fire Staff (T5)
Spellshower Shortstaff (T5)
Spellstaff of Hellfire (T5)
Spellstaff of Heroic Sacrifice (T5)
Spellstaff of the Blue Flame (T5)
Staff of Fiery Torment (T5)
Staff of Ignited Conflict (T5)
Staff of the Firesworn (T5)
Staff of the Flaming Depths (T5)
Staff of the Lost Ember (T5)
Taiying's Rage (T5)
Transmutation (T5)
Wrath of the Wicked Sorcerer (T5)
Aeternum's Rebirth (T5)
Archmage Fultis's Life Staff (T5)
Baptism (T5)
Voracious Bonemender (T5)
Courtier's Crescent Staff (T5)
Edentide (T5)
Faedragon's Life Staff (T5)
Fiery Sermon (T5)
Formation of the Storm (T5)
Frozen Spellstaff (T5)
Greatstaff of Storm's Might (T5)
Heart of Corruption (T5)
Hope (T5)
Immaculate Life Staff (T5)
Malevolence's Will (T5)
Newfound Longing (T5)
Nightwatcher's Staff (T5)
Open Hand (T5)
Oseguera's Disciple (T5)
Permafrost Life Staff (T5)
Righteous Blessings (T5)
Rime Covered Life Staff (T5)
Song of Sorrow (T5)
Spriggan's Heart (T5)
Staff of Blighted Horrors (T5)
Staff of Cavernous Horrors (T5)
Staff of Lightning's Might (T5)
Staff of Peerless Whispers (T5)
Staff of Pragmatic Justice (T5)
Staff of Righteous Retribution (T5)
Staff of Silent Mending (T5)
Staff of the Cleansing Waters (T5)
Staff of the Endless Abyss (T5)
Staff of the First Sin (T5)
Staff of the Hellsworn Priest (T5)
Staff of the Heretic (T5)
Staff of the Reawakener (T5)
Staff of the Voidmaker (T5)
Stormwhisper (T5)
Taiying's Hope (T5)
Tempest Forged Staff (T5)
Unholy Matrimony (T5)
Unspoken Desire (T5)
Adiana's Adjudicator (T5)
Ancient Promise (T5)
Arcane War Hammer (T5)
Artificial Life (T5)
Battered Wave (T5)
Battering Ram (T5)
Bloody Rudder (T5)
Brutal Smasher (T5)
Burning Rage (T5)
Corrupted Core (T5)
Dreadful Knell (T5)
Courtly War Hammer (T5)
Cycle of Life (T5)
Darkseer's Maul (T5)
Demon's Bane (T5)
Dreamcrusher (T5)
Enchanted Crystal War Hammer (T5)
Energized War Hammer (T5)
Flaming Brand (T5)
Full Moon (T5)
Glacial Movement (T5)
Gracious Host (T5)
Gravekeeper (T5)
Greenseer's Guide (T5)
Hammer of Justice (T5)
Maul of the Cursed Exile (T5)
Mjolnir (T5)
Ogre's Headcrusher (T5)
Persuader (T5)
Residual Hate (T5)
Rolling Thunder (T5)
Sacrificial Crusher (T5)
Shard of Reality (T5)
Soulbreaker, Isabella's Power (T5)
Spellsworn Maul (T5)
Spriggan's Grasp (T5)
Steel to Blood (T5)
Storm's End (T5)
Surrogate of Justice (T5)
Taiying's Vengeance (T5)
The Dark Maul (T5)
The Settler's Friend (T5)
Shard of Reality (T5)
Undertow (T5)
Vinewoven War Hammer (T5)
War Hammer of Dryadic Power (T5)
Wicked Wish (T5)
Widowmaker (T5)
Word of Wisdom (T5)
Wrath of the Sisters (T5)
Ancient Bearing (T5)
Blessed Scepter (T5)
Broken Hatchet (T5)
Fire Crystal Core (T5)
Ice Crystal Core (T5)
Life Crystal Core (T5)
Void Crystal Core (T5)
Crest of Fortitude (T5)
Crystalline Rivets (T5)
Emblem of Fortitude (T5)
Embossed Wrapping (T5)
Embroidered Padding (T5)
Empowered Counterbalance (T5)
Enchanted Bow String (T5)
Etched Handguard (T5)
Eternal Ice (T5)
Fragmented Musket (T5)
Corrupted Breastplate (T5)
Corrupted Boots (T5)
Corrupted Gauntlets (T5)
Corrupted Helm (T5)
Corrupted Greaves (T5)
Inscribed Shield Boss (T5)
Intricate Firearm Lock (T5)
Corrupted Cloth Shirt (T5)
Corrupted Cloth Boots (T5)
Corrupted Cloth Gloves (T5)
Corrupted Cloth Hat (T5)
Corrupted Cloth Pants (T5)
Corrupted Leather Coat (T5)
Corrupted Leather Boots (T5)
Corrupted Leather Gloves (T5)
Corrupted Leather Hat (T5)
Corrupted Fanatic Pants (T5)
Petrified Fire (T5)
Infused Health Potion (T5)
Infused Mana Potion (T5)
Infused Regeneration Potion (T5)
Runic Thread (T5)
Scaling Powder (T5)
Serpentine Handguard (T5)
Shattered Sword (T5)
Splintered Bow (T5)
Withered Bough (T5)
Boneweaver (T5)
Violent Misery (T5)
Bear Bone Maul (T5)
Dusk (T5)
Malevolance (T5)
Soulreaper (T5)
Shadow Weaver (T5)
Dark Vengeance (T5)
Shadowkeeper (T5)
Great Decay (T5)
Raging Greed (T5)
Bloodmoon (T5)
Empty Ancient Heart (T5)
Black Hole (T5)
Aeternum's Echo (T5)
Deadfingers (T5)
Piercing Horror (T5)
Empty Conscience (T5)
Reign of Darkness (T5)
Corrupted Rebirth (T5)
Bearbone Great Axe (T5)
Wretched Grip (T5)
Wine Dark Night (T5)
Swiftshadow (T5)
Lightkiller (T5)
Shattered Nebula (T5)
Freezing Void (T5)
Stormtear (T5)
Obsidian Terror (T5)
Twilight (T5)
Hallowed Fist (T5)
Dark Feast (T5)
Midnight Moon (T5)
Gloom (T5)
Ghostclaw (T5)
Souldrain (T5)
Raging Strikers (T5)
Absolute Terror (T5)
Haunting Specter (T5)
Curseweaver (T5)
Deadfist (T5)
Call of the Void (T5)
Mortifying Clutch (T5)
Starless Sky (T5)
Refreshing Harvest (T5)
Hallowed Torment (T5)
Arcane Jolt (T5)
Shattered Souls (T5)
Voidmist (T5)
Arcane Shadow (T5)
Wicked Fury (T5)
Hand of Filth (T5)
Spectral Arson (T5)
Sacrificial Lamb (T5)
Devouring Fear (T5)
Shining Animus
Armor Scraps
Armor Fragments
Vial of Suspended Azoth
Iron Guardsman's Insignia
Vacant Corrupted Insignia
Faint Corrupted Insignia
Brilliant Corrupted Insignia
Shard of Corrupted Matter
Chunk of Corrupted Matter
Corrupted Sigil
Fine Corrupted Sigil
Perfect Corrupted Sigil
Corrupted Talisman
Corrupted Treatise
Rough Leather Beaded Straps
Iron Corrupted Casing
Rough Leather Scourge
Chunk of Enchanted Earth
Softwood Prayer Beads
Iron Pocketwatch
Chilled Fang
Frozen Fang
Linen Arcane Embroidery
Rough Leather Corrupted Fetish
Iron Battle Medal
Small Traveler's Stone
Huge Traveler's Stone
Draught of Viscous Azoth
Worn Whetstone
Pristine Whetstone
Drop of Withered Essence
Vial of Withered Essence
Draught of Withered Essence

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