Tundra Garrison Vicar

Level 48

Type: Solo

Health: 4040
Kill XP: 57

Very weak against Arcane (30.0% more damage)
Moderately weak against Thrust (20.0% more damage)
Slightly weak against Nature (15.0% more damage)

Very strong against Ice (40.0% less damage)
Slightly strong against Strike (15.0% less damage)



Possible Loot

Drops depend on level and location. Experimental! Please leave a comment if you believe this data to be wrong.

Knight Errant (T3)
Tanner Shirt (T3)
Tanner Shoes (T3)
Tanner Gloves (T3)
Tanner Hat (T3)
Tanner Pants (T3)
Heavy Helm (T3)
Ancient Ice Gauntlet (T4)
Ice Gauntlet (T4)
Glacial Gaze (T4)
Ancient Kite Shield (T4)
Kite Shield (T4)
Bastion (T4)
Hawkfall (T4)
Servitude (T4)
Ancient Longsword (T4)
Aphedia (T4)
Arm of the Aggressor (T4)
Longsword (T4)
Echoes of War (T4)
Enigmatic Aeons (T4)
Fearful Breath (T4)
Ghastly Revelation (T4)
Gift from the Mother (T4)
Gracious Host (T4)
Gravebreaker (T4)
Grim Edict (T4)
Hastate (T4)
Soulfire Damascus (T4)
The Cause (T4)
True Path (T4)
Valor's Destiny (T4)
Visions of Chaos (T4)
Ageless Blade (T4)
Ancient Rapier (T4)
Barnacle Crusted Blade (T4)
Blazing Rapier (T4)
Cherished Memory (T4)
Consecrated Rapier (T4)
Cutwater Rapier (T4)
Cyclopian Eye Gouger (T4)
Rapier (T4)
Fallen Star (T4)
Forsworn Rapier (T4)
Iced Slicer (T4)
Keeper's Rapier (T4)
Lieutenant General's Blade (T4)
Manskewer (T4)
Rapier of the New Dynasty (T4)
Voidforged Rapier (T4)
Wailing Blade (T4)
Wingslicer (T4)
Woodsman's Rapier (T4)
Ancient Round Shield (T4)
Round Shield (T4)
Duty Bound (T4)
Adjucator of Pain (T4)
Ancient Hatchet (T4)
A Trick of the Mind (T4)
Bannerman's Bane (T4)
Bilelash (T4)
Bloodletter (T4)
Breaching Hatchet (T4)
Buccaneer's Bulwark (T4)
Concubine (T4)
Dreamhacker (T4)
Hatchet (T4)
Dunweald (T4)
Dynasty's Demise (T4)
Eunuch's Savior (T4)
From On High (T4)
Hatchet of the First Scout (T4)
Humming Hatchet (T4)
Prideful Misstep (T4)
Restless Reaver (T4)
Seafoam (T4)
Smoldering Ember (T4)
Untold Secrets (T4)
Velian (T4)
Watcher's Right Hand (T4)
Ancient Tower Shield (T4)
Tower Shield (T4)
Ancient Bow (T4)
Blighted Recurve (T4)
Cure for Rebirth (T4)
Dragonfang Recurve (T4)
Flatbow (T4)
Dryad's Chosen Bow (T4)
Foresight of the Elders (T4)
Forgotten Ranger's Recurve (T4)
Gravewatcher (T4)
Herald of the Storm (T4)
Luminous Longbow (T4)
Miserable Guard's Bow (T4)
Moment of Clarity (T4)
Named Dryads Bow Of the Dryad and Dryad (T4)
On Wings of Song (T4)
Pacifist (T4)
Resistance of the Guardians (T4)
Ruined Hopes (T4)
Secret Atrocity (T4)
Sundershot (T4)
Sylvan Grace (T4)
Anatul's Rebirth (T4)
Ancient Purifier (T4)
Ancient Great Axe (T4)
Axe of the Abomination (T4)
Bastion's Motivator (T4)
Battleaxe of Precise Calculations (T4)
Bloodspiller (T4)
Breachshutter (T4)
Diamond's Edge Great Axe (T4)
Great Axe (T4)
Dryadic Greatcleaver (T4)
Dryad's Weedcutting Axe (T4)
Jotunbane (T4)
Ramu's Battleaxe (T4)
Reckless Abandon (T4)
Soulbound Great Axe (T4)
Time Sunderer (T4)
Unsung Hero (T4)
Warforged Reaper (T4)
Wretched Battleaxe (T4)
Admiral's Firearm (T4)
Anchor Mate (T4)
Ancient Reinforced Musket (T4)
Ancient Musket (T4)
Before We Break (T4)
Booming Rifle (T4)
Corruption's Herald (T4)
Crack of Dawn (T4)
Dark Marksman's Flintlock (T4)
Musket (T4)
Final Light (T4)
Forest Ranger's Respite (T4)
In Terror and Sorrow (T4)
Mourning Maw Rifle (T4)
Blunderbuss of the Risen Dead (T4)
Musket of the Wooded Frontier (T4)
New Dawn (T4)
Pixie Dust Blunderbuss (T4)
Rifle of the Dormant Dryad (T4)
Starsight Rifle (T4)
Wounded Pride (T4)
Ancient Problem Solver (T4)
Ancient Spear (T4)
Broken Mast (T4)
Dirtnap (T4)
Spear (T4)
Earthspike (T4)
Forester's Pike (T4)
Forward Progress (T4)
Graverobber's Spear (T4)
Hulking Spear (T4)
Icewrought Pike (T4)
Invader's Will (T4)
Leandra's Demise (T4)
Living Spear (T4)
Marooned Mariner's Spear (T4)
Piercing Flame (T4)
Sentinel Captain's Spear (T4)
Shattered Shaft (T4)
Spear of the Elder Shaman (T4)
Spear of the Lost Queen (T4)
Truestrke (T4)
Acolyte's Corrupted Fire Staff (T4)
Ancient Fire Staff (T4)
A Terrible Thought (T4)
Baric's Sunstaff (T4)
Blood Boiling Fire Staff (T4)
Breachfire Greatstaff (T4)
Cannonlighter (T4)
Choking Gasp (T4)
Dragon's Breath (T4)
Fire Staff (T4)
First Flame (T4)
Funeral Pyre (T4)
Grove Keeper's Fire Staff (T4)
Heatseeker (T4)
Immolation (T4)
Mutineer's Reward (T4)
Overgrown Fire Staff (T4)
Seeker's Fire Staff (T4)
Smoldering Dryad Killer (T4)
Staff of the Ash Woods (T4)
Staff of the Fiery Age (T4)
Staff of the Mad Pyromancer (T4)
Tormented Soul (T4)
Ancient Life Staff (T4)
Arcane Light (T4)
Breach Battered Life Staff (T4)
Curator's Life Staff (T4)
Decay (T4)
Depleted Ritual Staff (T4)
Life Staff (T4)
Essence of Hope (T4)
Essence of Clarity (T4)
Flowing Life (T4)
Might of the Elder Shaman (T4)
Siren's Life Staff (T4)
Staff of Mourning (T4)
Staff of the Corrupted Arbiter (T4)
Staff of the Raging Core (T4)
Staff of the Wood Warden (T4)
Stormcaller (T4)
Timebinding Staff (T4)
Valiant Prayer (T4)
Virtue (T4)
Whims of the Woods (T4)
Ancient Struggle (T4)
Ancient War Hammer (T4)
Artistry (T4)
A Trick of the Mind (T4)
Balance of Power (T4)
Blightbane Warhammer (T4)
Breachcrusher (T4)
Buccaneer's Blunt Edge (T4)
Cannibal's Hammer (T4)
War Hammer (T4)
Forgotten Experiment (T4)
Guardian's Warhammer (T4)
Hammer of the Corrupted Champion (T4)
Hellsmasher (T4)
Keepbreaker (T4)
Lightning's Fist (T4)
Nature's Wrath (T4)
Prideful Misstep (T4)
Prismatic Maul (T4)
Restless Night (T4)
Sea of Doubt (T4)
Siegebreaker (T4)
Spellbound Gaze (T4)
Warhammer of the Unmaking (T4)
Will of the Enraged (T4)
Musketeer's Coat of the Brigand (T4)
Officer's Coat of the Fighter (T4)
Harvester Shirt (T4)
Lumberjack Shirt (T4)
Miner Shirt (T4)
Skinner Shirt (T4)
Harvester Shoes (T4)
Lumberjack Shoes (T4)
Miner Shoes (T4)
Skinner Shoes (T4)
Harvester Gloves (T4)
Lumberjack Gloves (T4)
Miner Gloves (T4)
Skinner Gloves (T4)
Harvester Hat (T4)
Lumberjack Hat (T4)
Miner Hat (T4)
Skinner Hat (T4)
Harvester Pants (T4)
Lumberjack Pants (T4)
Miner Pants (T4)
Skinner Pants (T4)
Musketeer's Boots of the Brigand (T4)
Officer's Boots of the Fighter (T4)
Musketeer's Gloves of the Brigand (T4)
Officer's Gloves of the Fighter (T4)
Musketeer's Hat of the Brigand (T4)
Officer's Hat of the Fighter (T4)
Ancient Breastplate (T4)
Archaic Breastplate (T4)
Scout Breastplate (T4)
Heavy Breastplate (T4)
Plate Breastplate (T4)
Ancient Boots (T4)
Archaic Boots (T4)
Scout Boots (T4)
Heavy Boots (T4)
Plate Boots (T4)
Ancient Gauntlets (T4)
Archaic Gauntlets (T4)
Scout Gauntlets (T4)
Heavy Gauntlets (T4)
Plate Gauntlets (T4)
Ancient Helm (T4)
Archaic Helm (T4)
Scout Helm (T4)
Plate Helm (T4)
Ancient Greaves (T4)
Archaic Greaves (T4)
Scout Greaves (T4)
Heavy Greaves (T4)
Plate Greaves (T4)
Musketeer's Pants of the Brigand (T4)
Officer's Pants of the Fighter (T4)
Ancient Cloth Shirt (T4)
Archaic Shirt (T4)
Cloth Shirt (T4)
Cloth Dress (T4)
Waterlogged Shirt (T4)
Farmer Shirt (T4)
Reveler Coat (T4)
Cloth Robe (T4)
Cloth Reinforced Dress (T4)
Boatswain Shirt (T4)
Ancient Cloth Shoes (T4)
Archaic Boots (T4)
Cloth Shoes (T4)
Cloth Shoes (T4)
Waterlogged Shoes (T4)
Farmer Boots (T4)
Reveler Shoes (T4)
Cloth Robe Shoes (T4)
Formal Shoes (T4)
Boatswain Shoes (T4)
Ancient Cloth Gloves (T4)
Archaic Gloves (T4)
Cloth Gloves (T4)
Cloth Gloves (T4)
Waterlogged Gloves (T4)
Farmer Gloves (T4)
Reveler Gloves (T4)
Cloth Robe Gloves (T4)
Embellished Gloves (T4)
Boatswain Gloves (T4)
Ancient Cloth Hat (T4)
Archaic Hat (T4)
Cloth Hat (T4)
Cloth Fascinator (T4)
Waterlogged Hat (T4)
Farmer Hat (T4)
Reveler Mask (T4)
Cloth Robe Hat (T4)
Court Fascinator (T4)
Boatswain Hat (T4)
Ancient Cloth Pants (T4)
Archaic Pants (T4)
Cloth Pants (T4)
Cloth Leggings (T4)
Waterlogged Pants (T4)
Farmer Pants (T4)
Reveler Pants (T4)
Cloth Robe Leggings (T4)
Frilled Leggings (T4)
Boatswain Pants (T4)
Ancient Leather Coat (T4)
Archaic Coat (T4)
Trapper Coat (T4)
Leather Coat (T4)
Rescuer Shirt (T4)
Sorcerer Hunter Coat (T4)
Swashbuckler Coat (T4)
Pirate Captain Coat (T4)
Pirate Gunslinger Coat (T4)
Ancient Leather Boots (T4)
Archaic Boots (T4)
Trapper Boots (T4)
Leather Boots (T4)
Rescuer Boots (T4)
Sorcerer Hunter Boots (T4)
Swashbuckler Boots (T4)
Pirate Captain Shoes (T4)
Pirate Gunslinger Shoes (T4)
Ancient Leather Gloves (T4)
Archaic Gloves (T4)
Trapper Gloves (T4)
Leather Gloves (T4)
Rescuer Gloves (T4)
Sorcerer Hunter Gauntlets (T4)
Swashbuckler Gloves (T4)
Pirate Captain Gloves (T4)
Pirate Gunslinger Gloves (T4)
Ancient Leather Hat (T4)
Archaic Hat (T4)
Trapper Hat (T4)
Leather Hat (T4)
Rescuer Hat (T4)
Sorcerer Hunter Hat (T4)
Swashbuckler Hat (T4)
Pirate Captain Hat (T4)
Pirate Gunslinger Hat (T4)
Ancient Leather Pants (T4)
Archaic Pants (T4)
Trapper Pants (T4)
Leather Pants (T4)
Rescuer Pants (T4)
Sorcerer Hunter Pants (T4)
Swashbuckler Pants (T4)
Pirate Captain Pants (T4)
Pirate Gunslinger Pants (T4)
Powerful Health Potion (T4)
Powerful Mana Potion (T4)
Powerful Regeneration Potion (T4)
Drop of Ancient Essence
Vial of Ancient Essence
Draught of Ancient Essence
Vial of Suspended Azoth
Sliver of Baetylus
Shard of Baetylus
Chunk of Baetylus
Riveted Orichalcum Mail
Drop of Withered Essence
Vial of Withered Essence
Draught of Withered Essence