The Blighted Greenskeeper

Level 66

Type: DungeonBoss

Health: 889700
Kill XP: 2250
Currency Reward: 144.0

Very weak against Fire (30.0% more damage)
Moderately weak against Slash (20.0% more damage)

Very strong against Lightning (40.0% less damage)
Slightly strong against Thrust (15.0% less damage)



Location: Garden of Genesis (Expedition)

Possible Loot

Drops depend on level and location. Experimental! Please leave a comment if you believe this data to be wrong.

Dryad Ice Gauntlet (T5)
Dryad Kite Shield (T5)
Dryad Sword (T5)
Primordial Edge (T5)
Dryad Rapier (T5)
Dryad Round Shield (T5)
Dryad Hatchet (T5)
Dryad Tower Shield (T5)
Dryad Bow (T5)
Dryad Great Axe (T5)
Dryad Musket (T5)
Dryad Spear (T5)
Spear of the Outer Isles (T5)
Dryad Fire Staff (T5)
Firebinder (T5)
Dryad Life Staff (T5)
Dryad Warhammer (T5)
Woodswarden (T5)
Oracle's Amulet (T5)
Skinner Hat (T5)
Primeval Sinful Glare of the Ranger (T5)
Vial of Suspended Azoth
Blight Seeds
Chilled Fang
Frozen Fang
Putrid Bark
Sticky Vines
Worn Whetstone
Pristine Whetstone
Drop of Withered Essence
Vial of Withered Essence
Draught of Withered Essence
Tangle of Writhing Briar
Clump of Writhing Briar