Split Limb

Level 10

Type: Named_Solo+

Health: 1426
Kill XP: 38

Very weak against Nature (30.0% more damage)
Slightly weak against Ice (15.0% more damage)
Slightly weak against Strike (10.0% more damage)

Very strong against Corruption (40.0% less damage)
Slightly strong against Thrust (15.0% less damage)



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Possible Loot

Drops depend on level and location. Experimental! Please leave a comment if you believe this data to be wrong.

Limb Splitter
The Deckhand
Severed Spirit
Common Health Potion
Common Mana Potion
Common Regeneration Potion
Sliver of Crystalized Ectoplasm
Shard of Crystalized Ectoplasm
Chunk of Crystalized Ectoplasm
Drop of Ectoplasm
Vial of Ectoplasm
Draught of Ectoplasm
Drop of Withered Essence
Vial of Withered Essence
Draught of Withered Essence
Small Traveler's Stone
Huge Traveler's Stone
Vial of Suspended Azoth
Chunk of Baetylus
Chunk of Batrachite
Draught of Viscous Azoth
Chunk of Crystalized Azoth
Chunk of Sparkmetal
Shard of Baetylus
Vial of Blessed Water
Shard of Consecrated Iron
Shard of Batrachite
Vial of Viscous Azoth
Shard of Crystalized Azoth
Shard of Sparkmetal
Sliver of Baetylus
Sliver of Consecrated Iron
Sliver of Batrachite
Sliver of Crystalized Azoth
Sliver of Sparkmetal
Iron Battle Medal
Rough Leather Beaded Straps
Linen Arcane Embroidery
Iron Guardsman's Insignia
Softwood Prayer Beads
Wooden Lost Locket
Iron Hook
Vial of Wispy Energy
Dark Tidings
Eye Of Darkness
First Contact
Forgotten Memory
Frigid Gale
Moonlit Dance
Mountain Thorn
One Last Breath
Phoenix Ashes
Prismatic Vista
Pure of Heart
Runecarved Blade
Sanguine Crook
Valor's Beginnings
Ancient Yardstick
Cloth Adorned Rapier
Elegant Stick
Enchanted Sabre
Faeforged Rapier
Fiery Rapier
Forgotten Competition Rapier
Glassforged Rapier
Iceforged Rapier
Lightless Rapier
Overly Sharp Crystal
Stormbound Sabre
Twisted Metal Rapier
Vinecursed Blade
Arbirator's Wisdom
Aristocrat's Fine Hatchet
Berserker's Bane
Brittle Fury
Ceremonial Cleaver
Dark Quandary
Desecrated Logger
Howling Wind
Jagged Amethyst Cleaver
Kent's Grave Trowel
Mountineer's Remorse
Panacea's Touch
Port of Call
Rootwrapped Axe
Smoldering Rage
Zephyr Strike
Ancient Avenger
Crystalline Compound Bow
Decorative Longbow
Enchanted Longbow
Fallen Comrade
Ice-threaded Longbow
Needle Threader
Phoenix Feather Recurve
Regent's Hunting Bow
Steel Amalgamation
True Sight
Unseen Observer
Vinewarped Longbow
Whisper of Faith
Whisp of the Woods
Ancient Great Axe
Axe of the Vast Caverns
Colossal Wood Axe
Corrupted Hulking Battleaxe
Empowered Great Axe
Farmer Russo's Rusty Great Axe
Flaming Great Axe
Fleshripping Great Axe
Hulking Great Axe
Journeyman Smith's Battleaxe
Lamb Slaughter
Massive Frosty Axe
Mob Rule
Overweight Great Axe
Vinewrapped Great Axe
Voidridden Great Axe
Wavecrushing Waraxe
Ancient Flintlock
Cruel Musket
Crystalline Flintlock
Empowered Flintlock
Farmer Bob's Corrupted Shooter
Fleshripping Repeater
Forestsong Musket
Frosty Flintlock
Furious Repeater
Glass-grip Musket
Immolated Quickshot
Light in the Dark
Lightning Shot
Long Lost Musket
Vinewrapped Musket
Void Repeater
Captain's Call
Corrupted Skewer
Diamond's Head
Faefolk's Spear
Jagged Edged Javelin
Journeyman's Practice Lance
Lightning Rod
Long Arm of the Law
Misery's Cure
Oversized "Wand"
Shiny Spear
Singed Pike
Vinewrapped Spear
Voidtinged Javelin
Whaler's Harpoon
Ancient Firebrand
Arcane Fire
Burning Faestaff
Burning Voidtendril
Firestorm Spellstaff
Flame of the Wilds
Frostbitten Fire Staff
Gravekeeper's Torch
Ignited Greatstaff
Love, Ignited
Mariner's Flaming Greatstaff
Shining Light
Spellstaff of the Dark Magician
Staff of the Fragile Flame
Unbridled Fury
Wanderer's Fire Staff
Arcane Infused Life Staff
Bad Medicine
Dark Mending
Dying Light
Earth Imbued Staff
Flames of Rebirth
Frozen Life
Glowing Life Staff
Immutable Wish
Lifegiving Waters
Mended Wounds
Peaceful Dream
Shattered Life
Ship Medic's Staff
Song of the Crystals
Staff of Ancient Wonders
Staff of Splendor
Staff of the Court Mage
Arcane Cracker
Bloodied Crusher
Broken Glass
Eager Steel
False Hope
Forceful Rebuke
Ghastly Gavel
Guard Captain's Maul
Heart Beat
Iced Crusher
Mischievous Hare
Persistent Growth
Pristine Dawn
Serrated Maul
Shattered Storm
Sinister Malice
Fanged Grimace
Eternal Malice
Disintegrating Spite
Draining Curse
Tainted Grip
Dark Deceit
Boundless Scourge
Reaping Annihilation
Draining Palm
Bag of Juniper Berries
Siren Tuning Orb

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