Little Simon

Level 35

Type: EliteMiniBoss

Health: 10150
Kill XP: 220

Very weak against Nature (30.0% more damage)
Slightly weak against Ice (15.0% more damage)
Slightly weak against Strike (10.0% more damage)



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Possible Loot

Drops depend on level and location. Experimental! Please leave a comment if you believe this data to be wrong.

Vial of Suspended Azoth
Ectoplasmic Essence
Iron Battle Medal
Rough Leather Beaded Straps
Linen Arcane Embroidery
Iron Guardsman's Insignia
Softwood Prayer Beads
Wooden Lost Locket
Iron Hook
Vial of Wispy Energy
Sliver of Baetylus
Shard of Baetylus
Chunk of Baetylus
Sliver of Batrachite
Shard of Batrachite
Chunk of Batrachite
Sliver of Consecrated Iron
Shard of Consecrated Iron
Sliver of Crystalized Azoth
Shard of Crystalized Azoth
Chunk of Crystalized Azoth
Sliver of Crystalized Ectoplasm
Shard of Crystalized Ectoplasm
Chunk of Crystalized Ectoplasm
Drop of Ectoplasm
Vial of Ectoplasm
Draught of Ectoplasm
Vial of Blessed Water
Sliver of Sparkmetal
Shard of Sparkmetal
Chunk of Sparkmetal
Small Traveler's Stone
Huge Traveler's Stone
Vial of Viscous Azoth
Draught of Viscous Azoth
Drop of Withered Essence
Vial of Withered Essence
Draught of Withered Essence
Strong Health Potion
Strong Mana Potion
Strong Regeneration Potion
Siren Tuning Orb
Fancy Shell
Forsaken Longsword
Forsaken Hatchet
Forsaken War Hammer
Forsaken Great Axe
Forsaken Bow
Forsaken Musket
Forsaken Round Shield
Forsaken Kite Shield
Forsaken Fire Staff
Forsaken Life Staff
Forsaken Spear
Forsaken Rapier
Forsaken Ice Gauntlet
Forsaken Void Gauntlet
Forsaken Helm
Forsaken Breastplate
Forsaken Gauntlets
Forsaken Greaves
Forsaken Boots
Forsaken Leather Hat
Forsaken Leather Coat
Forsaken Leather Gloves
Forsaken Leather Pants
Forsaken Leather Boots
Forsaken Cloth Hat
Forsaken Cloth Shirt
Forsaken Cloth Gloves
Forsaken Cloth Pants
Forsaken Cloth Shoes
Desecrated Helm
Desecrated Breastplate
Desecrated Gauntlets
Desecrated Greaves
Desecrated Boots
Desecrated Leather Hat
Desecrated Leather Coat
Desecrated Leather Gloves
Desecrated Leather Pants
Desecrated Leather Boots
Desecrated Cloth Hat
Desecrated Cloth Shirt
Desecrated Cloth Gloves
Desecrated Cloth Pants
Desecrated Cloth Boots
Bloodforged Longsword
Diamond's Edge
First Mate's Blade
Immortal Flame
Jenning's Fury
Memory of the First Ones
Natural Formation
Noble's Decorative Sword
Obsidian Slasher
Quick Wit
Sign of Salvation
Steel to Blood
Those Who Remain
Valor's Call
Axe of the First Culling
Battleaxe of the Forgotten One
Beast's Burly Chopper
Breacher's Battleaxe
Cobweb Cleaver
Corrupted Brute's Waraxe
Great Axe of the Flaming Forges
Hulking Arcane Axe
Root's Axe
Sharpened Anchor
Tender Cruelty
Little Simon's BB Gun
Archmage's Hunting Rifle
Brigand's Musty Musket
Captain's Longshot
Fleshcrafter's Harvesting Rifle
Glacial Repeater
Magma Loaded Rifle
Musket of the Corrupted Marksman
Sleepless Night
Soulseer's Musket
Tommy's Pea Shooter
Vile Plumage
Void-Forged Repeater
Adventurer's Bane
Boneforged Recurve
Corrupted Sight
Cursed Longbow of the First Legion
Driftwood Recurve
Ebon Rain
Forgotten Song
Fragile Death
Glacial Recurve
Inquisitor's Mark
Ley Line
Lie of Omission
Sea Angel
Semblance of Order
Haunted Hacker
Ancient Tactics
Artisan's Axe
Ashen Victory
Axe of the Elder Gods
Gaia's Justice
Restless Sanctity
Silent Killer
Soulwalker's Limbcarver
Trustworthy Knave
Ashen Wake
Bleak Fire Staff
Crystallight Staff
Dark Light
Explosive Fire Staff
Fiery Beauty
Gravedigger's Torch
Snowflame Staff
Staff of the Fiery Sacrifice
Abomination's Staff
Dark Angel
Davey Jones's Staff
Fragile Protection
Fragment of Light
Harbinger of Dusk
Light of Truth
Simple Staff of Great Power
Sleek Starmetal Staff
Stalagmite Staff
Storm Smite
The Wall
Abyssal Conqueror
Consecrated War Hammer
Corrupted Culler
Defeated Hope
Enchanted Maul
Force of Fire
Force of Frost
Gale Force
Galley Cook's Tenderizer
Glossy Demise
Pixie Pummeler
Restless Sanctity
Roots of Pain
War Hammer of the Last Ones
Wild Rage
Wretched War Hammer
Blackened Blade
Blade of the Lost Duelist
Ethereal Conduit
Forest's Whisper
Glacial Shard
Grim Luck
Jolly Sabre
Precisely Engineered Rapier
Shattered Perception
Trusted Sideblade
Forest's Guide
Footman's Royal Pike
Forgotten Virtue
Fork Lightning
Gem Encrusted Pike
Javelin of the Corrupted Vanguard
Jungle Guide
Leafwrapped Spear
Mana Conduit
Sharpened Ogre Femur
Spear of Haunted Memories
Spear of Volcanic Resolve
Void Herald
Piercing Cold
Essence of the Void
Horrific Essence
Ultimate Sacrifice
Raging Pain
Dark Harvest
Mesmerizing Power
Final Harvest
Corrosive Current
Malicious Vigor
Ultimate Wrath
Creeping Fog
Damned Fist
Forever Forgotten Ring


Jagwatoof, 11 months ago
Little Simon is a ghost that spawns back where the quest marker is, but it needs to be nighttime for him to show up.  He's there with his mom, though you only need to kill him.
Jagwatoof, 12 months ago
Looks like he's a ghost that only spawns at night.
Centh, about 1 year ago
Have not found Little Simon. Does not seem to spawn?

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