The Noble House

Region: EU | Server: Cibola (EU) | Faction: Syndicate | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

About us:
We're a highly achieved group of mature gamers with server first / end-game experience from WoW, LOTRO, Guild Wars, Destiny, and more.
The Noble House is a semi-hardcore Company, with most of our members being 25 years +. This is not your average community - we've been around playing games together for 10 years in 2022 and we truly enjoy hanging out. We're end-game PvX focused and we're looking for people who want to dedicate themselves to this game to push achievements and everything end-game-related. During the beta we owned the Mourningdale territory on the Cibola server.

What we offer:
- Competitive Company
- Mature environment
- Active and consistent
- Supportive and friendly

What we're looking for:
- Active and dedicated players
- English speaking adults 20+
- With a mindset to learn and get better together
- High participation
- Team players

For more information:
Please come join our discord to chat with us more.
Discord: DM Mohander#1337 or KingBullGod#7235

Apply on our website: