Club Penguin

Region: NA | Faction: Covenant | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

Club Penguin

We are Club Penguin, a small North American gaming group, looking to expand and fight alongside new friends in this exciting new MMO! We are seeking to recruit players that are as enthusiastic as we are and are ready to explore, fight, and conquer for our faction!

About the company 
Covenant (could possibly change) 
Persistent in becoming a true force against the opposing factions
New World is set to be a heavily PVP focused game so we plan to be a heavily PVP based company, but are excited to try all the games PVE content the game is bringing.
18+ Player base

What we expect from other players
Dedication ( will take into account work and school )
Positive Vibes

We are very excited to meet our new members and influence our newcomers to join our discord. Until the beta/ official game launches we ask our new members to join and play other games so that we may get to know each other.