Liberi autem caelo cete

Region: NA | Faction: Covenant | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

What hope has this alliance,
If we cannot conquer?
Doubt blind faith, not each other- 
And our belief shall not falter. 
Put an ear to the stones 
Of this Holy City. 
Inside, their voices echo still: 
"Seven rings begin The Journey!"

--High Charity

We are a guild with the intent of making our mark within this New World through the teachings of the Holy Sky Whale.

Human greed plagued any player driven market, and so, one of our goals is to regulate what is fair and just. No longer will inflation rule over who can be equal. There is a difference between making a profit and crippling an economy. Within our means, we hope to regulate this thin line.

Our brothers and sisters may not all fly the same banner, but during times when the corrupt nip at our feet, we can identify the common goal. We stand together, or not at all. With the extended details of Corrupted Breaches being released, we can guess that this will be where our World Bosses will be spouting from. It has also been confirmed that limited, necessary, and unique crafting materials will be dropped from these, so it is not something we will ignore. With enough interest, we plan to create a Fire Team specifically for tracking, engaging, and reaping these breaches.

As with the above, there is nobility in a fair fight. Other Companies may stand with this belief, and to them, we honor the Code of Conduct. In all out war, we may even choose to watch each other’s backs. We fight the unjust as it stands.

Our role to play is a Company who follows the tenets of the Holy Sky whale. Role-play is never a requirement, but if you would like to join in on the silliness and preach the word of our cause, reach out to Salem!

  • Support and teach efficient crafting methods to not only strengthen our allies, but to turn a fair profit as well.
  • While we will have dedicated crafters (voluntary position), we will not shy away from the front line of combat. In fact, you may find brothers and sisters even on the battlefield. We treat our own with respect, even at the end of a blade.
  • We do have some RP elements, but there will not be any eRP in main chats. If you would like to do this, please do so privately.
  • Company activities, raffles, game nights, movie nights, and events are planned!

If this path has spoken to you, then please feel free to reach out to one of our representatives. We accept all regardless of what makes us different. Under the eyes of Justice, we are all flesh, blood, and iron.

We welcome you.