Keepers of Aeternum

Region: NA | Faction: Syndicate | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

What we are looking for:

- PvP, looking for fans of Souls like combat. A strong front line seems to be needed for a company to find success. If you're looking for a group of like-minded PvP nuts to stomp your way across the land with, this may be the guild for you. Time to GIT GUD!

- PvE, hardcore PvP isn't for everyone. Lucky enough New World has something for everyone. If you're wanting some laid back folks to enjoy casual PvE with we have several members who that will be their focus, and they would love to have you along with them!

- Crafting, with a player driven economy craftsmen are a MUST. We are looking for players who enjoy working with an efficient and coordinated team that can come together and get the job done! We have several people who enjoy RP, and while not mandatory can make a mundane aspect of the game infinitely more fun!

What do we have to offer OR what sets up apart from other Companies? :

- Company events: We are looking to build a close knit group I'm and out of game. We plan on having things like Company Movie Nights, Tournaments, Cards Against Humanity and many other fun events in and out of game.

- Training: Things like PvP, Crafting or RP can seem intimidating to those who haven't delved into it before. We are more than happy to help new comers ease into these aspects of the game! We have members who have been playing MMOs and Souls-Likes for years who are more than happy to help out the next generation of heroes!

As of right now our primary means of communication and organization is discord.

So whether you are looking for a Company to call your own, shopping for the right fit for you or just looking for a cool group of gamers to hang around with please feel free to swing on by and say hello!