Region: NAWEST | Server: All | Faction: Syndicate | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

You're invited to join Immortal/SYNDICUS IMMORTALIS

We are an active community that is based in the US Western region, but we accept members globally that like that schedule.

Immortal/SYNDICUS IMMORTALIS is made up of competitive veteran MMO players along with content creators such as livestreamers, musicians, writers, and even a radio station. We support each other.

We are an adult guild in that there has and will be content of an adult nature from time to time so we ask that all members be 18 or older. We may be rowdy and loud and we do not censor our chat but we do have one rule: Treat others the same way you'd like to be treated. That's it.

We are a casual guild. What that means is we acknowledge that Real Life is always first. We're a competitive, hard-core bunch of players, but we try to stop and smell a flower outside once in a while and, of course, most of us have to do stuff like work or go to school. We expect members to be active and contribute to ┬źwinning,┬╗ so If you sign up for a Company thing, be present.

Some of us are new friends, some old. We definitely do not take ourselves too seriously. If we sound like the kind guild/company you'd like to join, say hi on our Discord server: discord.gg/vuSpaGF where we have a FREE Casino with real-life Amazon Gift Cards and Immortal Merch as prizes! (What?!)

There is no formal application process. We just ask that you join discord and be active. We'll know if it's a good fit soon enough.
Visit our site (under remodel) to learn more about us:www.immortal.city/

Stream Team