Region: NA | Faction: ? | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 1-10 | Recruiting: Yes

[NA] Northpass / New Guild / Social and PvX / We Value Active Community Members About Us
• We are an 18+ guild looking for community-oriented players who want to get involved, have a good time and enjoy the game.
• We value kindness, and not only does our guild plan on doing a little bit of everything, we’d like to think we’d do it well.
• We don’t necessarily plan to become the most powerful guild in New World, but we do want to be a fearsome force and control at least a little territory.
• We are 100% inclusive, all people are welcome from any walk of life.
• We encourage people to socialize on voice comms.
• While waiting for the game we plan to establish a nice community by playing a multitude of other games pre-launch of new world.
• We have a strong sense of leadership and plan to develop it further.
• We are an extremely new guild too, right now is a prime time to join and leave your impact, and become a core member of our community.
Come join us!