Region: EU | Faction: ? | Language: English | Focus: PvP | Size: 26-50 | Recruiting: Yes

[ARKADIA | EU | PvX | GvG | Conquering territory | Competitive PvP | Economic development]

Guild Application:  Just say "hello, I'm here for NW". A small discussion always takes place then in vocal with one of our leads.

[TLDR: Short Version]

- EU community with 1400+ members.
- English is the common language, but we have several communities inside
- Experienced and competitive leadership  
- Goal: conquer, hold and develop whatever we will take.
- Organized logistics for crafts and trade.
- Very active community discord. 

[Long version if you want to know more] 

[What we're looking for]

- BiS/Meta/Min-Max players who intend to be the best in their class
- People interested in participating in PVP on a large scale.
- No need to be lifeless IRL people, just manage your game time well.
- Players who are willing to learn and do things, without waiting for someone to hold their hand.
- Players who plan to level up quickly at launch
- Alpha/Beta testers who plan to play in the next tests to get a head start on understanding the mechanics.
- Creative, PvE players, craftsmen and other Excel spreadsheet geeks for optimization are also welcome, for those who simply want a settlement in a solid and organized community.

[About Us]

Arkadia is a community organized around the upcoming "Chronicles of Elyria" scheduled for next year. We have hundreds of members in our community and many of us have already tried New World. Although the changes they have made from the first alpha are yet to be evaluated, we know we will be there and we will be among the best EU groups. We've done this on a lot of games in the past. 

Don't hesitate to come on the Discord for questions or to contact me.