East Ember Trading Co.

Region: NAEAST | Server: Ohonoo (NA East) | Faction: Syndicate | Language: English | Focus: PvP | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

East Ember Trading Co. | Ohonoo (Syndicate) | PVP & ECON FOCUS | Hardcore & Semi-Hardcore Teams | CONTENT CREATION | ACTIVE

- Goal: To dominate our server through PVP and ECON.
- Server: Ohonoo (Live-2-18-5)
- Faction: Syndicate


I created Ember to be a second home. 
Somewhere you could come meet like-minded people, 
go hard in pvp, and chill with good friends.

We work hard IRL, and push hard to do something 
meaningful in-game with the limited time we have.  
Our people love PVP... We have a reputation for 
never backing down from a fight. 

We win and we have the history to prove it.


Friendly, Mature, and Not Toxic.

30+ hours per week on average.

Voice Chat
We require voice chat for PVP and PVE. Must have a working mic/headset.

Meta & BiS
During guild events, we will expect you to play specific comps and builds.

We want players who will take the initiative to join others in-game and in Discord rather than to play solo. 


Archeage: One of the top guilds on Nui, Wynn, 
Stena, and Godfrey

Starborne: Undefeated on every server over 2 years 
of play and one of the top guilds in the game. 

New World: On Morrow, we were undefeated in every war 
we lead. Owned our own territory in Monarch's Bluffs and 
was the last Syndicate guild on Morrow to own territory.


Long Term: Become known for being one of 
the strongest PVP guilds by reputation. 

Short Term: Recruit members, build up core, take 
territory on Ohonoo(new server) and sell ourselves 
to other guilds to participate in territory wars.

We love New World despite its many flaws. We want this to be a long-term game for us and are looking for members who are interested in playing it over the next few years.

We want people who are active, friendly, and interested in PVP which will be the primary aspect of the game we focus on together.  We are currently building our core in New World (70+ strong now) and need people who want to be part of that process with us. 

Join the discord and send us a dm so we can do a quick interview with you.  We're going to dominate New World, if you want the same thing then come join us today.

Join our discord here: https://discord.gg/embers


Stream Team