Aeternum's Calling

Region: NA | Faction: Undecided | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

Aeternum's Calling 

We are a group of New World players who are all looking to grow and succeed together. The company is mainly based in the US but we are accepting any and all who wish to play on the NA servers with us. We currently have over 100+ members in the discord but we are of course looking for company Governors and Consuls as we move from preview into Alpha 3 and Launch in Spring 2021. 


Our company is founded by a core group of players who have been playing MMORPG games for over a decade now. We have many players who played at the top level of content for their respective backgrounds including: WoW, BDO, GW2, Archeage, EverQuest and more. These players are here to help and grow the company and to make sure that anyone willing to learn, will succeed and exceed even their own expectations.

What can you expect?
Our community was founded on people who made guides and content for games. You can expect many guides, information and any tips and tricks found in game to be posted in the discord. We will have multiple groups of people running all content almost all the time to ensure that everyone stays ahead of the game. We understand that people have busy lives and don't worry we aren't requiring you to play a game full time and work a full time job. We have everything from hardcore PvPers to people who purely life skill. If you're willing to help the company, we'd gladly have you.

What do we want from you?
We ask that everyone be respectful of one another.
We ask that you are active both in game and in discord
We ask that you participate in group activities such as leveling, faction PvP, War and more. 
If anyone is found to be exploiting, hacking, cheating, or overall abusing the game in a way to get them ahead. You'll be removed as we want to play for fun and for fairness. 

If you think Aeternum's Calling is the Company for you!

Join our Discord. (If link doesn't work.
I look forward to talking to and meeting each and every one of you.

We need Governors and Consuls. Once you join, if you think you have the skills, DM BeardedClyde on how to become one.