The Black Lotus Na east

Region: NA | Faction: Undecided | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 11-25 | Recruiting: Yes

                                                               The Black Lotus

Black Lotus here, PVE PVP based Guild. we are looking for followers willing to follow us under our banner. we will win battles and we will also lose battles, only communication and suggestions is what keeps us afloat as we starve for growth.
we are Friendly, casual and hardcore gamers alike.
leadership positions are open governor is the sole leader of the discord.
expanded ranks not just officer and consul we will come up with roles as time goes on.
looking to make a difference compared to other clans, we want our name and brand to expand.
we use a community gaming discord that sponsors us with multiple advertising bots and website ads.
  1. no name calling.
  2. no sarcasm that offends anyone.
  3. no racism.
  4. so sexual harassment.
  5. backseat gaming should be kept on a minimum.
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