Region: NA | Faction: Marauders | Language: English | Focus: PvP | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

[NA] Blackguard | PvX | Hardcore 

Do you want to kill? Do you want to annihilate your enemies? We’re a group of heathens, monsters and vile fiends. At-least, in-game we carry such personas. The Blackguard is traditionally known as the servant wearing black that stabs their master in the back. Rather, they do this because of their wicked hearts or because of their shifting allegiance, one thing is for certain; Blackguards are deadly no matter how much you trust them. 

Thy Offers What Thou Reaps
Though, we are still a small gaming community and only aiming for 150 members for Ashes of Creation, we still have quite a lot to offer the average and experienced gamer. I’m not going to fill your head with a bunch of nonsense like; We have some of the best shotcallers! Or, we’re going to dominate AoC when it launches. We don’t know that yet. However, we can give you a place that you’ll fill welcomed and a place where you won’t fill like a pawn or just another number. 

Thine Light is Thine Weakness
We’re aiming to be a Red Guild within Ashes of Creation. Although, there’s a lot of risk to such a madness that comes with such little reward. However, even though the risk/reward for being a Red Guild isn’t appealing to most guilds; we’re different. The thought of actively PvP’ing and growing in experience together is one of the most keen ideas about Blackguard. The only way to become better is to actively throw yourself into the inferno and walk out a little bit stronger each time. 

Research is the Enemy of my Enemy.
As many guilds have posted on their recruitment post; research every guild and choose the right one for you. Even though Blackguard isn’t a Guild for everyone and we can’t offer as much as the rest since we came into existence on Sept 9th, 2020. We can offer a home for those weary travelers.

Blackguard Application: