The Scout Regiment

Region: EU | Faction: Marauders | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

The Scout Regimentt - MARAUDERS

Our History

- Thought up from the days of Knight Online
- Formed on AirRivals
- Further developed on WoW BC - Cata
- Mastered on GW2

Our Ethos:

• Respectful
• Positive mindset
• Active In / out of the game
• Fun! A company / guild shouldn’t bore you!
• Willingness to assist any member at any given moment
• Willingness to adapt to meet criteria for PVP mechanics / tactics.

Our focus:

- Controlling one or more areas constantly
- Company vs Company siege and open world PVP
- Fast character level progression
- Fast crafting progression
- Developing / testing new PVP Tactics and mechanics
- Domination. Nothing more, nothing less. Absolute domination.

What we do:

• Daily gathering / harvesting runs
• Daily PVP / PVE group runs
• Open world PVP
• Conquer lands
• We may even have a bard that sings for you!

Quality is greater than Quantity.  
You're either a number in other companies, or a core member in ours.
We MUST stress, we only seek to keep 50 - 100 members at any given time within our company.
We are a family orientated company, and we’ll cut you to pieces should you tread on our toes.

What we ask of you:
1. You're happy to use voice chat
2. You are active on beta, and release
3. You have fun – This is a game, enjoy it! Have fun! Have a laugh! If you’re not enjoying it, tell us why. We’ll try and make it as fun as possible

See you inside :P