Hells Allure

Region: NA | Faction: Marauders | Language: English | Focus: PvP | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

Hells Allure only plans on dominating New World, spreading our flames to every corner of AETERNUM and burning our enemies into ash. No one can stand against the allure of hell let the darkness be your friend and the flames be your guide for in the depths of hell there is no such thing as light. We are not to be pushed around, now rise and fight.

We are more than happy to accept new and experienced members but all positions will be decided on your level of communication, leadership, and ability to play. Not all members are in the Hells Allure discord and will only be joining later.

We are from Hell. Fall into the darkness. Let the darkness surround you. Rise from the flames. Destroy those who march against you. Burn all who stand in our way.

If you are interested the discord link is right here ----> https://discord.gg/fWdvD3B