Region: SEA | Faction: Undecided | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

**Nomad Gaming is recruiting OCE/APAC players to conquer the New World!** 
Being a part of Nomad Gaming means being a part of a community and always having someone to game, chat and hang out with. While games may change, the people you play them with don't have to and as a community we explore, find games that interest us and enjoy mastering those games. 
Nomad Gaming Core Values: 
*Respect and Dignity* 
We are a community that has fun exploring, enjoying and sharing many games, but as part of that we always aim to treat the others that we play with both from within and without with genuine respect. Remember that your fellow Nomads are here for a good time and that you represent our banner when you play games under it. Treat those you interact with in games how you would want to be treated. 
*Flexible Playstyle* 
We strive for a good balance between seriousness, fun and dominance in the games we play, to ensure that Nomad Gaming is a respected brand among peers. While we can be just as competitive as the most serious gaming communities, or as fun oriented as some of the more relaxed ones, we always strive to reach a happy medium and are not set in our way of gaming. One night could be a chilled out fun night while the next could be a serious raid - bring yourself and remember to have fun! 
*Real Community* 
While this may be obvious, we as a gaming community through all that we do, particularly as the leadership, is designed to foster and support the growth of a genuine and real sense of community and friendship within Nomad. For many of us games are an escape from the real world or simply a way to relax, make friends and have some fun. 
**Join us! Together we will prosper in New World and carve out our place in Aeternum!**