Legacy Gaming - OwO

Region: NA | Faction: Undecided | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 51+ | Recruiting: Yes

Legacy Gaming | OwO | Recruiting Casual to HC


  • GW2: Top Spvp Teams, AJ R1
  •  Wildstar: R1 NA BG Team, World First Warplot Win
  •  AA: NA - All Castles Owned, Second Siege-win NA, Kraken First
  •  BDO: R1, 2 and 3 World in GP. All Territories owned. Most-wins NA. World First Level 59/60 2016
  •  Soulworker: R1 Guild. R1 Progression
  •  Bless: R1 Guild World, R1 BG team, NA First PvP R1
  •  Rend: World First Server Ascension PvP win
  •  New World: Testing since early 2018
  •  AIR Beta: R1 NA Guild. R1 thru 5 top progression
  •  Atlas: R1 Company S1. End-season “Alpha FFA” winner
  •  AoC: Most wins BR NA, test 1 through live
  •  Last Oasis: Owned majority of NA (90+ Servers), World First Claim/Titan/Schmet

Legacy has many names for games we play, such as Veritas, Imperium, OwO, and more. We combine the hardcore attitude of min-maxers with the common-sense approach of real-life schedules. We range from no-lifers to working parents - with harmony. We pride ourselves on our logistics, communication, brevity, and tact. We drop everything for PvP, but are farmers like no-other.

Website / History: https://discordpvpers.com

We Offer:

  • 10 years of large-scale PvP expertise
  • Logistics - Webapps, Spreadsheets, In-house Bots
  • Squads - Don't be just a number, hang with friends
  • Unique Recruitment - Nobody is a stranger/random number
  • No drama - Strict when it comes to shit-talk and repping
  • Common Sense - Realistic Expectations and Scheduling