|☩| Knights Templars |☩|

Region: EU | Faction: Covenant | Language: English | Focus: PvX | Size: 11-25 | Recruiting: Yes

|☩| Knights Templars |☩| EU/NA
The Knights Templars are looking for new members to join its ranks. New players and veteran warriors, you are all welcome to join the ranks of Templar Order. We offer a strong core of dedicated players to teach new aspirants on how to conduct large scale combat. In terms of current players, we are an international guild although English is the primary language used.

Our history stems from the MMO Life is Feudal. Our aim is to always create a large guild/clan of experienced and disciplined members to achieve greatness. We have had clans on Atlas and Last Oasis as well.

|⚔️| Teamspeak
|⚔️| Discord
|⚔️| Age 16 +
|⚔️| Steam Account.

|☩|So what are we looking for in our newest initiates?|☩|

|⚔️| Dedicated activity
|⚔️| Good attitude
|⚔️| Loyalty If you feel like the Knights Templars are a good fit for you then join the discord and contact a knight or above on the right-hand side: https://discord.gg/aUSfAgj